Katilinolson_itsalwayssunnyinphilad Folks, it’s going to be a cold winter without It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sure, this season had more episodes fall flat than  the previous two, but we also got some great moments with the McPoyles and a hilarious incestuous marriage.

[Don’t think incestuous marriage is hilarious? Go get spoiled somewhere else.]

As the Season 3 finale opens, Frank is ranking the Paddy’s staff. Not by quality or any other meaningful indicator; just arbitrarily. That doesn’t stop Dennis, Dee and Mac from obsessing. As for Charlie, he’s off signing up Paddy’s Bar to host a dance marathon. Oh, but he mistakes the word "Prize" for "Pride," and puts the bar up as the winner’s spoils. Oops!

The rules are these: Dancers have to keep moving, and are out when they hit the ground. Oh, and any dancer can challenge another to a dance-off, and the loser has to wear a 25-pound keg around his neck. Worse for the gang, The Waitress and Rickety Cricket are in the competition to indulge in their respective grudges. No, wait, what’s worse is that the gang is still hung up on their rankings, and are out to get each other even if it means losing Paddy’s.

You see where this is going. First our antiheroes take out the competition with dirty tricks (mostly dropping people to the floor, though the cough syrup-laced brownies help) and then turn on each other. In the end, Cricket accidentally takes out Sweet Dee, and Homeless Larry wins. Good think Frank paid off Larry, so the bar stays in his hands.

Charlieday_itsalwayssunnyinphiladel As sitcom season finales go (for a show where characters and plot really never progress), this one was funny but not uproarious. I was hoping for a McPoyle challenge, but they never appeared. Bringing in Waitress and Cricket was fun, but stretching the ep to an hour and having all of the gang’s rivals appear would have really made it special. Then again, that smacks a bit too much of the Seinfeld series end. At least we got to see Charlie’s choreographed routine for Berlin’s classic "Take My Breath Away."

Posted by:Andy Grieser