Sarahchalke_scrubs_s6_240While the industry trade papers may have been speculating on the death of Scrubs last week, one person who obviously didn’t believe that hype was series creator Bill Lawrence. The hour-long season finale that ran on NBC on Thursday (May 17) had nary a whiff of series finality to it, as if Lawrence and crew were confident that if NBC didn’t keep the low-rated, fan-adored comedy around, ABC would be true to its word and bring it on.

As a result, the episodes — titled "My Rabbit" and "My Point of No Return" — pushed the season’s main plots along and reached a bit of an emotional cliffhanger, but it was a gentle episode, without the huge cathartic swelling of a series finale, or even really the huge twists or life events we’ve come to expect even from Scrubs. There were no weddings, births or deaths, just a bachelorette party (amusingly thrown by Carla for Elliot) and a christening (for Cox and Jordan’s new kid). There were several good laughs and a little heart, just a regular episode of the long-running show.

[Spoilers, duh.]

Speaking personally, the season finale wasn’t completely satisfying for me because I don’t know why the writers have decided to go down the J.D./Elliot romantic road again. Thankfully, the cliffhanger ended with them on a bed, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, but skipped the inevitable kiss, meaning that they can still step back and move forward next season, should the so-choose. It’s just been a long time — since Season One, really — that I felt like I wanted those two characters to be together. The possibility has been reliably trotted out several times since then, but I’m still not buying. That isn’t to say that I think J.D. should necessarily be forgiving Kim, the mother of his unborn child and a bit of a scary liar, but I like Elizabeth Banks. And I’m not convinced that Elliot and Keith are destined for a life of bliss, but it’s worth a try.

I confess that I’ve missed a number of Scrubs episodes this season. As you may have heard, that show’s in a competitive time slot. I find it reassuring, though, that whenever Scrubs drops off my radar and then finds its way back on, the characters and tone remain consistent and the humor remains sharp. After six seasons, that’s an achievement.

Highlights of Thursday’s finale:

  • Somehow, I always suspected that J.D.’s conscience would be a giant rabbit in a track suit. And I’d never doubt that J.D. and his giant rabbit conscience would sit around watching porn together.
  • Neilflynn_scrubs_s6_240Janitor assembling the Brain Trust, which includes The Todd and Ted and usually Doug. Who knew that they have a Brain Trust pager? I wish that after all the build-up, the pay-off to Janitor’s gift to Blonde Doctor would have been a bit funnier. The detail that Janitor uses "001 Cemetery Lane" (home of the Addams Family) as his official address to mess with Kelso is priceless.
  • J.D. wanting to name his son "Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian."
  • Cox: "Jordan, here are some things I’d rather see happen than dingus over there becoming the Godfather… a nuclear war, a sequel to ‘Hope Floats,’ Hugh Jackman winning an Oscar…"

    Kelso: "Yeah. Funny long list. We get it. You need a new thing, Big Guy."

    It’s funny because it’s vaguely true.

  • Elliot’s suggestion of "Fight Club" as a bachelorette party activity.

    What’d you guys think of the Scrubs finale? And are you in favor of J.D. and Elliot getting touchy-feely again?

  • Posted by:Daniel Fienberg