Spencergrammer3_greek_240_2Seeing as tonight’s Greek finale featured the music of American Bang, you would expect them to go out with a bang of their own and throw a cliffhanger ending at us. Instead they went for a quieter approach, wrapping up some lingering story threads while introducing a few interesting things for next season.

Always remember to put on sunblock before you read spoilers.

After teasing us for two episodes with the promise of Spring Break they finally get there this week, and true to the show’s form everyone has a different experience with the event. Rusty prepares for the trip of a lifetime, but from the very beginning things just don’t go his way. It starts to go bad from the very beginning with Beaver dumping his luggage from the Kappa Tau party bus in order to make room for a keg. Things only get worse once they get there when Chad Stewart rears his ugly head again and shows up in line for the club in front of Rusty, ensuring he can’t use his fake I.D. The next day things just continue to get worse as he gets an asthma flare-up and a wicked sunburn to top everything off.

All of these setbacks cause Rusty to throw in the towel and take a bus home before break is over. Of course, once he sees that Calvin is on his bus (going back to CRU to see sweetie Michael) he realizes his Spring Break fun is just beginning. When their Greyhound breaks down, the boys hoof it to a local town to rent a car but run into that pesky rule about not renting a car unless you are 21. Rusty whips out his fake I.D. but Chad Stewart strikes yet again when the rental car clerk realizes it’s a fake and catches Rusty by asking him what his eye color is. Silly Rusty. He got caught up on one that’s right there on the license! Rusty ends up having to call Dale (who was busy wild turkey hunting with his family) to pick them up. When Dale sees Rusty and Calvin’s animosity towards each other, he tricks them and locks them out of the car until they make up. In a sweet scene, thanks to Dale’s intervention they finally put their feud to rest and decide that yes, two people who belong to different fraternities can still be friends. All together now: awwww.

Having a decidedly more fun Spring Break experience is Evan, who is busy drinking and making out with twins and doing the stereotypical Spring Break debauchery. At various points throughout the week he tries to get Frannie to hang out with him but she always refuses. In the end, they meet up for a junk food raid after a long night of drinking and Evan finally makes his move. She refuses to be any sort of rebound girl and asks him if he’s into her because of her or to get back at Casey, to which he honestly (and awesomely) replies "both." When he asks her if she’s wants to be with him because of him or because of the fact he’s Evan Chambers, she honestly (and awesomely) replies "both," and a romance is born. Those two are perfect for each other, but Casey’s head is totally going to explode when she finds out about this.

Also having a Spring Break adventure is Ashleigh who meets a very cute guy with a very convenient yet disgusting flip flop bottle opener on her first night in Myrtle Beach and spends the rest of the week trying to find the one she dubs the "Hotness Monster." She spies him several times but is always blocked from reaching him. At the big concert she spots him one last time but only manages to come up with his flip flop. Just like Cinderella! He’s – Manderella! Nah, Hotness Monster is better. What she doesn’t see is her Hotness Monster bending down to put on a Cypress-Rhodes University cap. I’m sensing a romance for Ashleigh next season. It’s about time.

Sidebar: please excuse me while I mention tonight’s musical guests, American Bang, yet again. I recently became a resident of the lovely city of Nashville and American Bang hails from here. It’s always nice to see someone from the local scene do well for themselves. Good on ya, boys.

Carrying on. Now, we finally get to the main meat of the story. It’s been obvious for weeks that they were leading towards a big Rebecca meltdown over Casey and Cappie’s friendship and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Casey’s ongoing feud with Rebecca kicked off the beginning of the hour when Casey asked Rebecca if some displaced sisters could bunk in her suite instead of having to cram ten girls in a room. Rebecca agreed, because Rebecca doesn’t want to do anything Casey requests, and also because she is annoying. Does Rebecca actually like any of her sisters? Why is she even in a sorority? Sigh.

Casey manages to have good time despite Rebecca’s snooty attitude and even has a few nice, friendly conversations with Cappie. This only serves to rile Rebecca up even more, and after she receives the horrible news that her father is basically Elliot Spitzer and has a hooker on the side (which she has to learn from a reporter calling her cell phone for a comment, no less) she sees Casey and Cappie together and totally loses it, entering a wet t-shirt contest wearing her ZBZ letters, which angers Cappie because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to bear her wet ladies for a gaggle of drunk, horny frat boys and Casey because she shouldn’t be denigrating the ZBZ letters that way. Rebecca takes Cappie’s plea of the contest being "beneath her" personally, and says Cappie is the one that’s beneath her and isn’t over Casey yet, and breaks up with him before running offstage and quitting the contest.

Later, Cappie and Casey have another nice, friendly conversation about Casey’s indecision and it turns into more when Cappie notices that Casey has been much more free and happy on this vacation than he’s seen in a long time. He obviously sees shades of the girl he used to date and she sees the same in him, and they end up in a kiss. When they get back to the hotel it seems that they are going to continue their rediscovery of each other (over breakfast, not like that you pervs) but they see the news report about Rebecca’s horrible father and Cappie leaves to go comfort Rebecca instead. Casey goes to watch the sunrise with Ashleigh and the season ends in the sweetest way, with two best friends there for each other no matter what. They’re going to need to be there for each other because they decide to go skinny dipping and some lovely young men see what they’re doing and take their clothes while they’re in the water. Oh, girls. Always have a clothes lookout when skinny dipping! I suppose everyone has to learn that lesson the hard way.

If the first part of the season was focused more on Rusty’s journey of self-discovery while transitioning from a dorky, sheltered high school student to a more outgoing, accepted fraternity brother, then this second half has definitely focused more on Casey’s own self-discovery while transitioning from a girl who let a man define her entire existence to a young lady who recognizes that she needs to stand on her own two feet and figure out who she is first and foremost. Yes, she did have a little dalliance with Cappie in the episode, but in the end decided to not pour her heart out to Ashleigh about it and just let it be what it was, which is a definite sign of growth for her character.

All in all, although it wasn’t a flashy end by any means this was a nice way to wrap up a very good freshman season. Now let’s see how mature Casey can be when the show returns in September and she finds out about Frannie and Evan…

What did you guys think? Did you like how they ended the season? Are you happy about Frannie and Evan’s relationship? What about Cappie and Casey? And what do you think they should do next season?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler