It seems that instead of listening to my brilliant plan regarding the first ever shirtless television show, CBS has decided to cancel Moonlight. Which means tonight may be the last episode, especially since the higher ups over at CBS recently squashed the rumor that the CW was interested in picking it up. Of course, there’s always the chance that passionate fan groundswell can save it but for now, lets just indulge.

Indulging is a past time vampires enjoy as well, as we hear from Josef. He’s at a formal event celebrating the opening of sports arena in memoriam of his vegetative former love, Sarah. Also in attendance are Mick and Beth, which is where Josef tells Beth of his indulgence with his date for the evening. Her name is Simone and she’s one of his lawyers. She’s also known as a "freshie", which is apparently vampire shorthand for a human who is a willing blood donor. Kind of like friends with benefits, only with the undead. So, creepier. Beth immediately asks Mick how many "freshies" he’s had, more than a slight tone of jealousy.  While I would have found it amusing if Mick said ’37’, he says he can’t remember.

Before the conversation can escalate there is scuffle among some of the guests. It seems Dominic, the local NBA hero, has an enemy among the guests, but his managers quickly put a stop to the altercation. Which is when it is revealed that they are also vampires named Emma and Jackson and have been together about 150 years. Beth and Mick start to dance and are talking about their budding relationship when there is a scream. They run to the bathrooms and see Dominic dead in a water tank, with Simone looking on.

Back at the police station, they ask Beth to talk to Simone. The freshie tells Beth that she didn’t do it, that Dominic was already in the tank when she got there. She was in the bathroom cleaning up because Josef had just fed on her, which she didn’t tell the cops because she didn’t want to expose him to police scrutiny and risk him being found out as a vampire. Good enough for Beth, who abruptly changes the conversation from Simone’s current legal troubles to talk about her arrangement with Josef.  She asks if she is ever afraid that Josef will go too far. Simone tells Beth he’s careful, but that sometimes she is concerned. Which I think is natural. I tend to get worried when my blood is not on the inside, whatever the reason. Love, laceration, what have you.

Talbot, the new DA, calls Beth out of the interview to ask her how the interview went. You know, the one he just prematurely halted. Beth says she got nothing from Simone and asks if he has interviewed the man who started the fight or Dominic’s managers and he admits he hasn’t. Which makes him a pretty poor DA, frankly. That aside, he’s determined to keep Simone as long as he can, convinced that she’s hiding something about her relationship with the dead NBA player.

Josef is completely unconcerned that his happy meal is in the slammer and more that his good press was ruined by a murder. Beth tells Josef that Talbot believes that Simone was sleeping with Dominic, which Josef brushes off. Beth posits to Mick that Josef is jealous and that "blood isn’t the only bodily fluid" he and Simone have exchanged. Mick states that would go against Josef’s personal rules. It seems that over the course of the season we’ve learned that Josef appears to have a lot of rules…but they seem more like suggestions, really.

Continuing her investigation, Beth goes to talk to Emma, who has gotten the heads up from Josef that Beth is part of the family. Beth starts out asking about her relationship with Jackson and Emma tells her that she was turned on a ship coming to America from Ireland during the famine. When she arrived, she met Jackson, who was a prize fighter, and turned him at his request so they could be together forever. Beth asks if after 150 years she has any regrets and Emma says not a single one, adding that after all that time she can still remember what Jackson was wearing the night they met. Which is sweet, but has nothing to do with poor Simone, who is facing a possible murder charge, so Beth asks Emma what she knows about Hank, the guy who was involved in the fight at the party. It seems he was on a college team with Dominic and was very competitive with him. When Dominic was signed to the NBA, Hank thought it should have been him and their rivalry turned particularly sour.

Despite Talbot’s intentions, Simone was released because they really had nothing to charge her with. Josef opens champagne at Mick’s and thanks him and Beth for the work they are going to do to clear her name. Which I suppose is his way of asking for help ad I love him so much that I don’t care. Mick reveals that Guillermo found traces of blood type B+ on Dominic and Josef tells him that’s all they need since Simone is B-. Mick seems unconvinced, so Josef grabs her arm and opens a vein, offering Mick a taste. Mick shrugs and takes a bite, which is right when Beth walks in. Awkward? Oh yes. Simone and Josef beat a hasty retreat and Beth looks to Mick for an explanation.  He tries to say he was making sure Simone wasn’t a match for the blood found on the body but Beth points out there are labs for that sort of thing and then stalks out telling him they have a lead to follow.

They get to a frat house as Mick tries to explain that drinking Simone’s blood was no big deal, but Beth wants to know why he isn’t interested in her blood. Mick wants to know why she wants him to drink from her and she points out that when he was dying in the desert and drank from her he acted like it was monumental, yet now claims drinking is no big deal and she’s confused. And she stalks off, leaving Mick just a little served. Or btrwrthd as they might say on the Lost blog.

They go into the frat house and don’t seem to gain anyone’s notice until Mick reaches to touch a paddle and gets warned that it’s "sacred". They ask the paddle protector if he’s seen Hank and he claims to have not seen him in several days, but Mick can tell by his heart rate that he’s lying and tells him so. Someone in the background yells that the cops are there and when Mick’s head is turned the paddle protector grabs the paddle and whacks Mick upside the head with it. But you can’t stop a vampire that way and Mick is already running, intercepting the fleeing Hank easily. However, once Hank is in custody, they find out that the blood on Dominic was not only B+, it was also vampire blood.

Guillermo points Mick in the direction of Lisa, a vampire cheerleader who was with Dominic at the party. Seems that party was pretty vampire centric, but who doesn’t love the NBA? Mick drops in on cheer-leading practice, where we get a delightful montage of him in a tight fitting shirt making half court shots and grinning. Yet, not shirtless, alas. Lisa comes over to chat (because really, who wouldn’t?), and in her talk with Mick it is revealed that she hooked up with Dominic a few times but didn’t kill him and he didn’t know what she was. The show takes an especially naughty turn when Mick asks her how Dominic didn’t notice the puncture marks in the hickeys she gave him on his neck and she admits that’s not the artery she goes for. Aren’t college boys especially concerned with what’s going on there?

The most important bit of information Mick gains from Lisa is that fact that Emma was also sleeping with Dominic, a fact she never revealed to Jackson. Around the same time, Hank is also pointing at Emma, begging the police for protection from her after he saw her throw Dominic around like a rag doll and kill him. Beth calls Mick to let him know they are going to pick up Emma and he asks her to stop them but she tells him he’s going to have to get there first. Which he doesn’t exactly manage to do, as he arrives just in time to witness Emma throw one man through a glass door and throw a chair at another before he manages to get a hold of her. She doesn’t react well when he whispers that she is about to endanger them all and she needs to think of Jackson, as she responds that it’s clear whose side he’s on. It seems to me that he’s on the vampire side, but she seems convinced that he’s with the humans since he’s helping them bring her to jail. That bigger picture stuff is hard. Harder will be containing Emma after a few days with no blood.

Mick and Beth go to talk to Jackson who has no idea Emma was cheating on him, but he agrees to go talk to her. At the prison’s interview room Emma and Jackson talk below audible human levels so the cops can’t hear them. But Mick hears Emma apologize to her husband, admit to murdering Dominic on accident after finding out he was also sleeping with Lisa and then lay out her plan to blackmail Mick into getting her out of the entire mess be threatening to reveal every vampire in the city to the police. And she’s only giving him 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Simone goes to visit Beth to apologize for that whole feeding incident. There is another discussion about the difference between human ideas about intimacy versus vampire ideas about such. During the course of it, Beth asks Simone if she thinks things would be different between her and Josef if he turned her, pointing out that things didn’t turn out so well for Emma and Jackson. Simone counters that they had 150 years to try and then asks Beth if she wants Mick to turn her. Beth brushes it off as a non-issue, saying Mick would never do such a thing, but Simone looks doubtful and says "Maybe he feels that way now…but if you are with him long enough I guarantee it will come up."  It’s the now that gets me. Did Mick feel differently before? Did he turn someone once upon a time?

Mick certainly isn’t thinking about any of that. He’s gotten together a vampire cabal, consisting of Josef, Logan, Guillermo, the Cleaner and a few of her minions, to break Emma out of jail. They get together a pretty elaborate plan, with Logan hacking into the city grid to ensure green lights on the route the prison transport will take at 8pm to move Emma from the district processing center to the county lock-up. The cleaner will create an accident, forcing the transport to stop, allowing Mick and Josef to break Emma out of the vehicle and the Cleaner to subdue the guards while Guillermo arrives with an ambulance and fresh blood packs to whisk Emma away. Flawless! But you didn’t really expect it to actually work, did you?

Logan’s hack seems smooth as ice as first, but then he hits a secondary firewall. Meanwhile, inside the transport, Emma has gained the attention of a guard who redirects the transport to the hospital because she’s ice cold and looks sick. Or hungry. Whichever. There’s no plan B, but Logan acts quickly, running into the intersection with a battle cry of "LEROY JENKINS!!" and causing me to crack up while the transport flips end over end and they break Emma out.

Of course, this is not the happy ending Emma wanted, because she is now in the custody of a ticked off cadre of vampires who are armed with a mighty hefty flame thrower and some fancy manacles. She left one court system only to find herself in another and I am guessing the vampires are less lenient then the humans. Jackson comes in as they are reading Emma the riot act and asks for a minute with her. He knows the penalty for treason is death, so he tells her he loves her and that they will do this like they’ve done everything else. Together.  Emma begs him not to, but he’s made up his mind and the cleaners oblige by blasting them into oblivion.

Elsewhere, Talbot is on the phone apologizing for the escape to some higher up when he notices a black envelope on the floor of his office. He hangs up with the unknown "sir" and pulls out a stack of papers that turn out to be a log list of names. His phone rings again as he peruses the list and a voice says that it’s for his eyes only and he’ll be in touch before hanging up. We only get a few flashes of the list but I do catch Vladimir Tepes before the camera passes over the crossed out names of Emma and Jackson and then pauses on the last of the list. Logan, Josef and Mick.

Mick is paying a visit to Beth, who has had time to stew over not being included in his vampire games. She asks where Emma is and he tells her she was a danger to the entire community. Beth scoffs at vampire justice, but Mick continues that Jackson went into the great unknown with Emma, which leads Beth to turn morose. She begins to cry and stammers that she knows it will be hard for him to understand, but that seeing Emma and Jackson made her realize that he was right. That he can’t return to her world and she isn’t ready to go to his, and that she can’t do this anymore. Mick stares at her for a moment before turning and walking out of her apartment. He gets halfway down the hall, where he leans his forehead against a wall as she closes the door and begins to cry.

But a moment later, he is walking back to her door, where he knocks and when she doesn’t respond, he opens it. He tells her that seeing Emma and Jackson made him realize something too. That she was the one who was right. That it isn’t about being vampire or human, but that it is about them and how they feel about each other. She suddenly turns and asks him what she was wearing the night they met. He rattles off that she was in jeans, a striped shirt and cream jacket. She asks what shoes she was wearing and he grins, saying she was barefoot. Which is technically true, since she was wading through a fountain to get a better view of a crime scene. She asks how he remembers that and he tells her it’s because he loves her. And with a kiss, it’s all over.

It was a good episode, though another one that felt just a little too packed. There were some great funny moments, such as my personal favorites:

Beth: This is like prom.
Josef: Prom wasn’t big in the 1700’s. Neither was high school. The plague. The plague was big!

Josef: Hi Beth! We were just having drinks.
Beth: I can see that.
Simone: We should go.
Josef: But this is so awkward. I love awkward!

Beth: Are you OK?
Mick: I got hit in the face with the sacred ass paddle.
Beth: Karma.

But, the funny aside, we are left with several questions. How many "freshies" did Mick have over the last 50 years? Did Mick ever turn anyone? Was Vlad the Impaler hanging out on the California coastline? What does a happy and romantically involved Mick and Beth look like? When are we going to see Alex  O’Loughlin’s abs again? Tell me what you guys think, not only of the finale, but also of the show in general. Do you think it can be saved by the fans? What will you miss the most? And can someone pass Alex my phone number? I’ll buy drinks!

Posted by:Jessica Paff