After two months of competition, after crew after crew were eliminated, after a finale that had the final two working harder than on any other episode, we’ve finally reached the endgame. Will SoReal Cru or Super Cr3w be named America’s Best Dance Crew? It’s time to find out.


I’m on the set tonight for the live finale of the show, tucked safely away in the press tent outside watching on a flat screen. They have little sandwiches. Tasty!

Anyhoo, the show starts out with a collabo by SoReal Cru and The Cr3w to a mix of "Puttin’ on the Ritz." They’re all dressed in variations of tuxes with canes. It then gives way to two other songs with each crew getting a spotlight battle set. I’m way impressed, especially when everyone did a floor sequence and when Do-Knock and Brian paired up (which Shane slo-moed). Lil’ Mama slo-moes the sick assisted flips by Super Cr3w and the intricate arm work by SoReal. JC pointed out the veiled disses in each and slo-moed two of them. Good times.

Now comes the intro of the crews in order of eliminations and host Mario Lopez tosses to the "reunited crews" package. I love these combo numbers.

Kat DeLuna’s "Run this Show" unites the East Coast crews of Sassx7, Phresh Select and Boogie Bots. I liked the Latin flavor of the choreography and all three melded their styles very well. It’s a shame SassX7 couldn’t have broken the mold like this earlier. They were decidedly less "competition mode" and more "video dancer." It was good to see Boogie and Phresh back too. They put together some sweet moments like when Riot the Virus of Phresh did a front flip over at least three people. Nice.

Mario then announces that casting for Season 3 starts in October before tossing to a commercial. Dang. That’s pretty quick. But I’m cool with it since I love this show.

Back from break, the South is up featuring Distorted X and SoReal Cru dancing to "Get Like Me" by David Banner and Chris Brown. I liked it. The beginning was really strong, the middle got a little muddled but that could’ve just been the camera work. It was still cool.

"Touch the Sky" by Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco is the song the MidWest crew (A.S.I.I.D. and Xtreme Dance Force) perform to. They did an encore of the "walking the dog" move with both groups which was cool. Aw…I missed A.S.I.I.D., it’s nice to seem them again. Xtreme represented themselves well. The ending section was the strongest I think, but it’s hard to tell because I feel like the camera work took away from some of the parts.

Supreme Soul, Fanny Pak and SuperCr3w are the West. And it’s starts out sick. Gotta love the 20 person Matrix effect. They dance to "Go Hard Or Go Home" by E-40 feat. The Federation. They combined all three styles seamlessly  – you can see signature moves from each when they performed together. Started sick, ended sick, was sick in the middle.

They showed a package where the top two crews and Shane took part in a prom for the Children’s Miracle Network. So sweet and adorable and touching I can’t even talk about it.

After another break, we get a "journey package" for each group. We start out with Super Cr3w. They consider the Superman number their big breakthrough. SoReal Cru gets their spotlight second. Lots of tears through both. Each judge then addresses the crews. Shane says that he knows where they’re coming from in terms of fighting to make sure people recognize b-boys as legitimate dancers. He says that, through the way they represented today, they’ve changed the way people view them. They had JC talk to SoReal and he commended them on the power of their belief in themselves and ability to fight through their adversity.

Lil’ Mama introduced a few more highlight clips of each and reiterated how good both crews were.

One more commercial break and Mario prepares to announce the winner. After a set of rundowns on each group, per usual, and what seemed like 15 minutes of dead air, America’s Best Dance Crew is…Super Cr3w! Yay!

SoReal Cru did a great job and have nothing to hold their heads down about. They have a bright future ahead of them. Both crews hugged before Randy Jackson makes his appearance and gives The Cr3w their trophy.

The show closes out with an encore number full of spotlight solos and jubilation. And confetti. Lots and lots of confetti.

That’s it folks. Did the right crew win? Which was your favorite regional performance? I like how both handled things with such class. Any other thoughts? Congratulations to both crews and we’ll see you in a few months!

Posted by:Tamara Brooks