After weeks of popping, locking, flipping, ticking and general awesomeness, we get find out the winner of America’s Best Dance Crew. Finally, something worthwhile on MTV.


Host Mario Lopez announces that they’ve received a record 38 million votes. I don’t know what or whose record but a record nonetheless. The crews get trotted out in the order of their elimination before introducing our finalists – San Diego’s JabbaWockeeZ and Boston’s Status Quo. Mario tosses it to the judges who gives us their thoughts on the remaining groups, including slo-mo highlight clips.

During a package showing all the crews reuniting for the finale (including a flip-off over members of other crews – like Fonzie on a motorcycle over sharks, except with people), it’s revealed that all the dancers are uniting into super-groups by quadrants to perform numbers on the show.

First up is the West Coast – Fysh n Chicks, Kaba Modern and JabbaWockeeZ – dancing to "Tell Me When To Go" by E-40. Insanity. That’s a whole lot of kick-ass on one stage. I want someone to write a dance movie specifically for Fysh & Chicks because they’re so rad. They never should’ve went home before Break Sk8. And I also adore Kabba Modern. The precision to which they dance is amazing.

Next up is the South – Enigma Dance Kru and Live in Color – dancing to Lil Jon’s "Get Low". Live in Color are dressed like marching band members and both crews end dropping drumsticks a la Drumline. I almost forgot about Enigma. It’s a shame I remember them for their in-fighting instead of their dancing. They’re quite good…it’s just that Live in Color ate them alive. That group is ferrocious.

Mario then lets everyone know that the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew will be on this summer. Hopefully it’ll start after So You Think You Can Dance so as to stave off my dance show withdrawal.

The East Coast is up next -ICONic and Status Quo – dancing to a mix based on LL Cool J’s "Phenomenon." They had a "getting in the club" theme which was very entertaining. ICONic was always good but the bowler hats always irked me. Don’t know why, they just do.

Last, the Mid-West –  Break Sk8 and Femme 5 – do a number to "Pop, Lock and Drop It" by Huey. A surprisingly good number from my two least favorite crews. Not that they’re not extremely talented but Femme 5 are studio dancers, not street dancers, and thus out of their element. Break Sk8 was good but really the three guys who are always in the center of the their formations are by far the strongest while the two tall guys…well, one does jump stunts and the other – I don’t quite recall what he does. He seemed to be a weak link, something the other crews didn’t have.

After this, there’s an interview with the final two crews before cutting to a quick package highlighting Status Quo and JabbaWockeeZ visiting some kids in South Central Los Angeles and teaching them some moves. We’re then treated to the standard "journey to the finals" packages.

Our last co-op number is by JabbaWockeeZ and Status Quo in a step-off choreographed by the guy who did one of the big dance movies – missed his name (Chuck something) and the movie unfortuantely. It was sweet. Mario asks the judges for their thoughts and Shane Sparks tells the crowd to chill (aka shut it) when he’s talking, which is one of the reasons I love him so.

Now it’s announcement time.

I like both groups so I’m fine with whoever wins – I think it’ll be JabbaWockeeZ but, because Status Quo needs the money more I’d prefer they win.

And, after 6 minutes of lead-up/teleprompter filler by Mario and 3 more minutes of tension and audience noise filled tension, it’s finally announced that JabbaWockeeZ are the winners. They’re interviewed and very gracious, calling Status Quo family and saying they too are America’s Best Crew.

After Status Quo does their post-loss interview and collects their fallen banner, we reach the worst part of the show. Randy Jackson comes out and speaks. Shudder. Everytime he spits some sort of slang, I want to poke him with something sharp.

A championship banner is dropped with the JabbaWockeeZ insignia and they do a victory number to Kanye West’s "Stronger" sans masks for the first and only time this season. The rest of the crews are brought out at the end to celebrate as well…kind of like the losing states rushing to congratulate the final pagent winner except it’s probably genuine this time. And with much more dancing.

It was a great show and I’m sorry to see it end…but at least we don’t have long to wait until the next season. Do you agree with the results? Should Status Quo have won? Would you have rather seen a JabbaWockeeZ vs. Kaba Modern finale? Who was your favorite crew?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks