Tonight we got to witness the season finale of Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant. The season, to this point, was something of a disappointment. It featured some big highs, but, unlike last season, we knew exactly where everything was headed this year. Sure, he may have acted like a childish fool at times, but it’s always been my conviction that at least some of that was for the show. Plus, we all knew that by the end of the season he’d be married and would have a baby. Those things may not have happened in the right order, but they were both destined to happen.

Following a little teaser about the wedding at the top of the show, the episode backed-up to six days earlier. Scott, though an ace at feeding his daughter, had fallen way behind with his wedding planning Apparently details aren’t quite Scott’s thing and the notion of centerpieces was completely beyond him. His friends offered their help in that area and also pointed out that he needed a pre-nuptial agreement (which he already had covered).

For the record, they also acted like complete morons while playing golf (Baio is even a member of the club they were playing at). If I had doubts about Scott and his friends before I saw them do a donut in a golf cart and run through the sprinklers, after watching them my worst fears were confirmed. You just don’t act that way on a golf course. I’m sorry, you don’t (you also don’t wear shorts. I know a lot of you do, but you’re wrong, not as wrong as the guys that wear sandals, but wrong). Thank goodness Scott and his friends quickly left the course and went to create a centerpiece for the wedding. Johnny V actually did a decent job helping put together an acceptable flower arrangement, it was amazing. Scott did promise Johnny that if Johnny helped with the centerpieces Scott would find him a date, which may have prodded Johnny into doing a better job than he normally would have, but I was still impressed with Johnny’s work ethic.

Following the final daddy-to-be class, during which Scott acknowledged how great life with a child is, the show moved on to a pre-marriage discussion with Scott, his pastor, and Renee. The pastor asked them a bunch of questions to see how similarly the couple viewed their relationship. It all went perfectly well until Johnny V came up. Not for the first time, it came out that Renee dislikes Johnny. Scott acknowledged that he ought to stick up for Renee more than he does with Johnny, which is true, but long term that won’t fix things. Johnny V is just one of those areas Scott and Renee are going to disagree about for their whole lives.

On the way out of that talk, Renee, who is normally right about Johnny, did agree to find him a date for the wedding, which was incredibly dumb. Johnny may have been on his best behavior with the centerpieces, but there’s not way he could keep up such a pleasant demeanor for long. Renee was going to greatly upset one of her friends.

A couple of days later, while Scott was on his way to the rehearsal dinner, Renee quizzed him about the plans for the wedding. It came out that he had neglected to get a caterer. Scott was under the assumption that it came with the location, which, in this case, was not accurate. He didn’t seem too perturbed though and the subject never came up again.

The rehearsal dinner itself passed uneventfully, save for the fact that Renee actually got one of her friends to agree to go to the wedding with Johnny. Despite the fact that there’s no evidence to support this, I’m quite sure that the girl in question eventually regretted allowing Renee to set her up.

After the dinner, Scott went off to help put the finishing touches on the wedding arrangements. Though his friends were there to help, Scott was smart enough to realize that they could never have done everything themselves. Scott wisely had already called the wedding planner and had asked him to be there and to help the guys put everything together. The only problem that left Scott with was the fact that he wasn’t quite eager to be married, or so he claimed.

This distress on Scott’s part was one of those things I didn’t believe, but Scott’s voiceover kept pushing it. Frankly, he didn’t even look that nervous on the day of the event, no matter what the voiceover said. Either he was doing a wonderful job acting calm or the nervous thing was just a notion someone came up with to make the episode seem more exciting (and that’s the theory what I’m going with).

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. The place looked nice and both of the participants quite happy. It’s just too bad that the show did an excessive pause during the ceremony between Scott being asked if he does and him giving the "I do." That moment, even more than Scott’s voiceover, simply didn’t ring true. The length of the pause the show threw in was so long that there is no way that everyone in the audience, and Renee, would have remained calm during it. Either they were told it was coming for the benefit of the camera or several different pauses in the wedding were combined into one long one to make us believe something happened that didn’t. Either way, it was just foolish. He did eventually speak those two little words and end up hitched.

Everyone seemed to have a grand old time at the reception, but before the party and season ended, they were able to setup season three. Renee’s daughter announced to Scott, just as the show and wedding were winding down, that she had no intention of going back to school. When she had flown out to L.A. she had bought a one-way ticket and would be staying with Scott, Renee, and Bailey. I’m seeing Scott Baio is 47… and Living with Three Women in our future.

It won’t be that bad for Scott. Heck, right now I live with two women. Maybe though that’s why I spend so much time at The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser