Shailenewoodley_secretlife_ I bet you’ll never guess what happened tonight on the season finale of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Let’s see, Amy has been in labor for slightly more than an episode, this is the season finale. Need more clues? I didn’t think so.

The biggest drama tonight wasn’t so much the birth, the show very happily eschewed any scene with someone yelling “push, Amy! Push with all your heart! Push with all your might!” And then Amy saying “I can’t push anymore, I just can’t push. I don’t have the strength, I don’t have the energy, I’m just a teenager, I shouldn’t be having a baby.” Then, of course, whomever was yelling at her to push would have to say “Amy, of course you can do it, of course you can! I believe in you! I love you!” I figure it doesn’t matter who would have been talking to her, there totally would have been an “I love you.” It’s great that they didn’t do the scene, they just waited until halfway through episode until they showed the baby, but they didn’t force us to watch the gruesome parts of the delivery.

So, as I said, the real drama wasn’t there, but in Ricky’s feelings about it. He sat and talked with Ben as they waited for Amy to deliver, and he seemed truly contrite about his actions. He acknowledged that he certainly didn’t deserve to have a baby with someone as nice as Amy and that he never wanted to have another baby.

I don’t so much believe that last bit, but he really did seem genuinely worried and upset about his future as a dad. Ah, if he’d only thought about that eight-and-a-half months earlier. Sure, we’d have no TV show, but Amy and Ricky both might be better off.

How about Adrian tonight? I mean, we all knew that Ricky and Adrian made an odd but good couple, but she told Ricky she wanted to get back together with him this week. Now, I know that it was two episodes ago, but in terms of the time on the show, wasn’t it just a few hours ago that Adrian was sleeping with her brother? It was, right?

If you ask me though, the best thing that happened tonight was Henry and Alice officially getting back together. Maybe semi-officially, they were certainly making out without any intention of stopping. I guess that’s not officially dating someone — just ask Adrian — but I think that for those two it probably is. Jack and Grace however, they’re officially back together, and that means not having sex… maybe, Grace started taking the pill.

What I really don’t get is why we didn’t get the scene in which Ashley told her mom that she was going to live with her dad. Did I just miss it? We saw the aftermath, Ashley and George returning with Anne to the house only to leave again, but if they told her on camera that it was happening in the first place, I missed it. Oh, and, I’m sure you already knew this but George and Ashley moved next door.

Even though Anne is next door, it seems to me after watching George and Ashley together that those two are going to be trouble. There’s already talk about a motorcycle and a dog.

The last bits and pieces for the season:

  • I noticed tonight that Ricky and Ben have the same haircut, at least they did while waiting for Amy to deliver. Is that updo popular amongst the teen set?
  • As for the baby’s name, Ashley got to choose that — John.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser