…which leads us to our gang departing the Middle East. Vance repays Eli’s hospitality with a flash drive containing the reconstituted contents of Abin Tabal’s laptop. DiNozzo boards the plane with no resistance (or backtalk) while Ziva decides to speak from the heart to Gibbs. Since she doesn’t believe Tony is telling the whole truth, she believes a transfer is in order. Somewhat to my surprise, Gibbs doesn’t put up a fight; he simply kisses her on the cheek and boards the plane as well. Abby is excited for the return of her gang, but is understandably bummed when one doesn’t come home.

Ziva settles into her new life as a full-time Mossad agent while it’s up to Gibbs to find her replacement… though it seems he’s merely waiting for her to change her mind. He uses Vance as an outlet for his anger, blaming him for this mess, along with breaking up the band at the end of last season. We end with the remaining NCIS agents acting all melancholy at their desks.

But wait! We actually end with two terrorists guarding a large room in Somalia. Why? Because they’re hold Ziva captive, bloodied and bruised, demanding she tell them everything!

That’s it for this season… see you in the fall for season seven AND the new NCIS spin-off!

Posted by:Brandon Millman