Kathryn Presscott plays Carter in MTV's Finding Carter

Over the course of “Finding Carter” Season 2 Carter (Kathryn Prescott) has been kidnapped again, discovered her father’s affair, helped her boyfriend escape his psycho uncle and tainted her twin sister’s first true love. 
Now in the finale, she’ll be put on a witness stand and asked to send her biological mother to jail, or at least stop her from getting custody of Carter. 
“It’s borderline abusive. I feel like she’s being given too much responsibility in a case where she has no objectivity,” Prescott says to Zap2it. “It shouldn’t be her responsibility, and it’s really going to mess her up for a really long time.”  
It’s an intense level of melodrama that asks a 17-year-old girl to testify against the woman who raised her and explain the trauma she’s been through in open court. Prescott doesn’t mince words when she discusses Carter’s thought process on the situation. 
“Her main feeling is, ‘How the f*** is this still happening? How do we not have a restraining order against this woman?” the actress says.  “How is there a jury full of people willing to sit there and listen to this woman’s story when she drugged and kidnapped me?”
Despite the trauma, Carter and Lori’s (Milena Govich) relationship has been a roller coaster from the beginning — one that took even more twists and turns in the sophomore season. For Prescott, the trial is hopefully the last straw in Lori’s attempts to keep Carter in her life. 
“Even if she has residual feelings about Lori and her being her mother, it’s just over. Every time Carter is kind of like ‘Maybe you need help, maybe I’ll help you,’ Lori does something really stupid and manipulative, then  ruins it all,” Prescott says. “She’s done that so many times now that Carter is done.”
The “Finding Carter” Season 2 finale airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.
Posted by:Megan Vick