'Firefly' deleted scenes: River's marriage proposal, Christina Hendricks and more Battle of Serenity Valley

The Browncoats united, and fans of “Firefly” got to celebrate the show’s 10-year anniversary. As part of the Science Channel special, three new deleted scenes were released, and they have now been posted online.

Two of the scenes shed more light on the Battle of Serenity Valley that inspired Mal Reynolds’ (Nathan Fillion) ship’s name. One of them is a clip from the actual battle that was cut from the series’ pilot, while the other shows Zoe (Gina Torres) telling Simon (Sean Maher) about the battle that so influenced the Serenity’s crew.

The third clip is a bit more humorous, as it shows River Tam (Summer Glau), well, being River Tam. Also, shout out for the Christina Hendricks appearance. You can watch all three clips below:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz