gina torres gi 320 'Firefly's' Gina Torres enters 'Warehouse 13,' 'Haven' adds twoBrowncoats, check out “Warehouse 13.”

Not only is the sci-fi romp Syfy channel’s most successful series in history, but former “Firefly/Serenity” star Gina Torres will be dropping by as guest a guest star. Also visiting are Philip Winchester and Paula Garces.

Agent Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) will be very busy in the upcoming second season, and it’s not just because he’s hunting down mysterious artifacts. It looks like Pete will be romancing the ladies. Yes, that’s right. More than one lady.

First up is Torres, who played Zoe in “Firefly.” She’ll play an agent from his past who shows up again. Hmm, was a fellow agent all that she was to him? On the show, Pete’s eye will also be caught by Kelly (Garces), a sassy veterinarian in the Warehouse town.

A more curious plot includes Pete and Myka (Joanne Kelly) hunting down an object that’s been transmitting scenes from films during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The scenes become increasingly dangerous though, and that just has to be nipped in the bud. Winchester will play Raymond St. James, a 1950s actor in many of those films, starring as a gladiator, marine or cowboy.

Season 2 of “Warehouse 13” will return in the summer.

In other Syfy news, the new drama “Haven” has added Eric Balfour (“24,” “Six Feet Under”) and Lucas Bryant (“Queer As Folk,” “Dollhouse”), joining Emily Rose, who was cast as FBI Agent Audrey Parker, who’s finds that the small town of Haven, Maine is full of people with supernatural abilities.

Nathan Wournos (Bryant) will play a local cop who becomes her partner, while Duke Crocker (Balfour) is a charming but mysterious local who lives on a boat.

“Haven” will shoot in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will air in the summer.

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