jewel staite l a complex 325 'Firefly's Jewel Staite still appreciates 'super loyal' sci fi fansJewel Staite isn’t neglecting her sci-fi past as she moves onto, and into, “The L.A. Complex.”

Known among genre fans for her roles on the series “Firefly” and “Stargate Atlantis,” she literally is more down-to-earth as determined actress Raquel … who’s fully committed to re-igniting her faded career when The CW gives the serio-comic series, made and already shown in Staite’s native Canada, its American premiere Tuesday, April 24.

As stoked as she is about adding humor in portraying the struggles actors go through, Staite — who muses to Zap2it that for once, “It’s kind of nice not to have a stunt double” — paid homage to her previous shows last weekend by appearing at Australia’s version of Comic-Con, along with fellow “L.A. Complex” star and Syfy-movie veteran Chelan Simmons (“Snakehead Terror”).

“It’s still a big part of my life,” Staite confirms. “I go to these conventions every once in a while, and it’s such a subculture. I had no idea, when I booked my first science-fiction show, of that world even existing. I really didn’t. I thought movies like ‘Trekkies’ and ‘Galaxy Quest’ were just for fun, and not about anything real. And it’s real. It’s a whole other aspect of this business.”

Guest roles on “Supernatural” and “Warehouse 13” also are among Staite’s credits, and she says she appreciates the “super-loyal” nature of sci-fi devotees: “They’ll follow you from job to job, even if it isn’t sci-fi. Once you’re in with them, you’re in with them for good, which is a really nice feeling.”

Having affection for the genre herself hasn’t hurt Staite in her professional pursuits. “It’s fun to play the extremes of a fantastical situation,” she notes. “It’s always challenging as an actor. I’ve never chosen roles based on the genre, but based on the character. I love to play really strong female characters, and it just so happens there are a lot of those in sci-fi.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin