Sytycd_290 Dear “So You Think You Can Dance” Producers: Please add another week to the show so no one has to be cut during the first week as it makes me sad.

The first group number of the season is to “Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas. It’s got this post-apocalyptic future vibe, which totally makes sense with the song. I dig it, man. Brandon is tearing the intro section up, I couldn’t take my eyes off him and had to rewind a few times. Both Phillip and Tony get solo sections. Hey Director, stop it with the close-ups. I can’t see what’s going on. But a great number nonetheless. And it was so obviously a Shane Sparks routine. Love him. Based on what I saw, a lot of the dancers may have problems with Hip Hop when it comes up (especially the girls).

We’ve got the same judges in the house from last night – Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. After host Cat Deeley introduces them, we get to see a montage of the moment they found out who they were paired with followed by some funny stuff about dancing with a partner.

Now Cat brings out the first three couples to find out their fates – Max & Kayla, Evan & Randi, and Phillip & Jeanine. After the customary recap of each of their performances, Kayla & Max are the first to hear they’re safe. Randi & Evan are too. And after a fake out, Cat tells Jeanine & Phillip are also moving on next week. A cruel thing to do but their reactions are great.

After the break, Caitlin & Jason, Ade & Melissa, Kapono & Ashley, and Tony & Paris stand on stage. Caitlin & Jason are off the hook. As it should it be. Melissa & Ade have also brokered safe passage to Week 2. Our remaining two couples must wait for both packages before learning Paris & Tony are the first couple in the Bottom Three. Can’t say I’m particularly surprised but, as Adam says, despite there being a lot of love for them (based on what he saw on Twitter) they just didn’t hit the routine hard enough.

The last three couples wait to hear their fates now. Asuka & Vitolio are in the bottom which was pretty much a given thanks to Tyce D’Orio’s craptastic Broadway routine. Brandon & Janette are safe leaving Jonathan & Karla to round out the Bottom Three. I guess looking like a member of the Wolfpack in “Twilight: New Moon” just wasn’t enough.

As the dancers prepare backstage, Argentine Tango specialists Mariam Larici & Leonardo Barrinuevo perform for us to “Tanquera” from the soundtrack to “Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango,” a show they happen to perform in. You may recognize them from that farce “Superstars of Dance.” In fact…I think they did this same routine. They’re still awesome and she still outshines him like a flashlight next to the sun.

 1. Paris

Song: “It Doesn’t Hurt” by Katie Thompson

Her number was much more on the balletic side of Contemporary, which I guess makes it more of a Jazz piece. Whatever. She exhibited very good control of the movements and it was pretty…it just wasn’t exciting. And I didn’t exactly connect to the piece emotionally.

2. Tony

Song: “Early In The Morning” by The Gap Band

He’s mostly Locking in the number with a very Old School vibe to it. It was good not great, certainly not the best I’ve ever seen. Like in yesterday’s number, he lacks precision which is a must for what he was attempting.

3. Asuka

Song: “Did Ya” by BoA

Whatever your feelings are of Asuka, you can’t say she doesn’t have stage presence. Not the best choreographed solo but it had plenty of attitude and entertained. Also, I’m glad she danced to a BoA song – love her.

4. Vitolio

Song: “We Belong Together” by Gavin Degraw

The choreography isn’t great but watching him move is fascinating. There’s an underlying sharpness there that I appreciate and makes him stand out from other Contemporary dancers.

5. Karla

Song: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin

She’s the one I was most interested in seeing because I don’t feel like I know what she’s capable of. Her leg control is fabulous. Wasn’t feeling the choreography but she gives good face and fills up the stage.

6. Jonathan

Song: “Krazy” by Pitbull feat. Lil Jon

So this is the first time any of us have been able to see him dance. I’m not particularly impressed. The choreography was fine and he threw down a lot of flips but it seemed like he was counting out the steps. Like he wasn’t connected to the music. But he’s terribly telegenic so at least there’s that.

While the judges are off to deliberate, Sean Kingston sings “Fire Burning” which Cat describes as the “hit single of the Summer.” Because that what it said on the teleprompter.

I’ll take this moment to say that I think Vitolio should definitely move on to next week. As for the girls, they were evenly matched and I kind of like them all so I’ll be disappointed whichever way it goes. My thought though is it’ll either be Paris & Tony or Jonathan & Karla because they tend to eliminate an entire couple the first week, which I don’t think is fair.

Okay, the girls are up first and the decision is unanimous. Nigel says Karla needs to bring more personality and not just perform a series of steps before being sent to join the other safe dancers. Nigel’s explanation on how they’re deciding who stays is kind of convoluted but when he says they like to have all types of styles represented, I just knew Paris was going to be eliminated. Poor thing. I really did like her. They’ve put together a farewell package which is cool because at least we get to see more of what she’s capable of.

The decision on the guys is also unanimous. Nigel says the judges didn’t think any of them really danced that well, which I agree with. Vitolio is told that he hasn’t shown his personality yet and he’d better because they’re keeping him. Jonathan is being kept over Tony which, considering they kept Karla, isn’t a surprise. I think his problem is that he’s a Hip Hop Jack of All Trades and a master of none.

Honestly, I’d rather Jonathan been sent home just based on his occasionally smarmy stage presence. But maybe he’ll grow on me. Like a fungus only not gross.

Okay folks, are you outraged? Did it turn out exactly as you thought? Did you care about any of the Bottom Three enough for it to matter? What say you?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks