Are you ready to feed the War Machine? The first poster for comic-book sequel “Iron Man 2” shows our red-and-gold armored hero backed by the silvery War Machine armor.

Geek moment: We comic-book lovers knew this moment was coming based on one scene in the first movie, where Col. Rhodes glimpses an unused suit of Iron Man armor and mutters “Next time.” In the source material, Rhodey uses a Stark suit to fight crime as War Machine.

The upcoming movie features Robert Downey Jr.‘s return as crimefighting inventor Tony Stark, with Don Cheadle stepping into Terrence Howard’s shoes as Rhodey.

Get a first look at the Iron Man and War Machine ultimate Marvel team-up:

ironman2 poster large First 'Iron Man 2' poster fuels War Machine 

“Iron Man 2” launches May 7, 2010.


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Photo credit: Paramount 

Posted by:Andy Grieser