First Lady Michelle Obama stops by “The Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night (March 19), where she talks about her Joining Forces initiative, her father’s battle with multiple sclerosis and her private conversations with the President.

Letterman: “There’s trouble everywhere in politics …You have to be careful what you say, what you do, where you go, who you look at.  Now, you don’t have to answer this question, but this is the thing that I was thinking about. I have conversations with my wife. Paul has conversations with his wife.  Married men and women have conversations all the time”

Michelle: “We tend to talk.”

Letterman: “…Hypothetically speaking, at the end of the day has your husband ever come home and said to you, ‘Oh, that John Boehner, what an idiot’?”

Michelle: [laughs] “It has never happened, never, never.  He is always upbeat, particularly about Congress.”

Letterman: “Yeah…How can you not be upbeat?”

Later, the First Lady says, “My father had multiple sclerosis and I never knew him to be able to walk, but my dad worked so hard and he loved us so much, and I think from him I learned just absolute, complete unconditional love, the notion that kids really don’t need anything but to know that their parents adore them. And I think that’s the greatest gift they gave us, just their constant support and, you know, stability, and that’s really what we try to instill in our girls. I mean, you talk about raising kids, it’s just really – you know, we had rules, we had boundaries, but there wasn’t anything my dad wouldn’t do for us, and, uh – don’t make me cry.  This isn’t ‘Oprah!’  It’s supposed to be ‘Letterman.’ What’s up?  Where are the laughs?”

Letterman responds, “Did somebody tell you this was ‘Oprah?’…Is that why you’re here?  Oh my, someone misled the First Lady.”

Tune in Monday night to see the full interview.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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