capt america marvel First look at Chris Evans in full Captain America costume tries to steal 'Spider Man's' thunderClearly not content to let “Spider-Man” and Andrew Garfield have their day to bask in superhero costume praise, “Captain America: The First Avenger” decided to release the first full look at Chris Evans in his Captain America costume, via EW.
]]>The producers clearly wanted a different look than the classic Captain America costume, which consisted of bold colors and a mask with wings (it seems the wings are painted onto the mask this time). Director Joe Johnston says, “You can’t take him seriously in his flag pajamas.” The end result is similar to an airman’s jumpsuit. Costume designer Anna Sheppard reveals Evans likes to put on the suit all by his lonesome (it takes about 25 minutes). “He likes to do it all by himself. I think it helps him feel like a super hero.” We have to say, we think we prefer the new Spider-Man costume. But hey, that’s just us. What do you think, Zappers?

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