Mon dieu!

First Reese Witherspoon. Now Natalie Portman?

The still-trembling House of Coco is about to be royally rocked by yet another Golden Globes dress debacle.

Unconfirmed reports are surfacing that Portman’s so-called "vintage" black lace Chanel frock worn to Monday’s Golden Globe Awards is another recent repeat. Embarrassingly, the same strapless Chanel frock may have been worn by Debra Messing to the 12th Annual Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards back in 2001.

How could this happen? Is it really the same dress? No clue. And it’s too late to reach the Chanel PR folks at this late hour (almost 7 p.m. PST on Thursday).

No doubt they’re all home, heavily medicated (two Tylenol PMs) after a horrible day of apologizing to Witherspoon’s camp for giving the actress the same dress worn by Kirsten Dunst to the 2003 Globe post parties and calling it vintage.

But if this Portman/Messing report turns out to be accurate, it’s fairly safe to say that heads will roll — Marie Antoinette style — soon at Chanel’s corporate headquarters.

Granted, Portman was a only Globes presenter, not the night’s big female Globe winner like Witherspoon. And the fashion pressure is not nearly as hot for presenters as nominees.

But Portman is a former Oscar nominee, an acclaimed dramatic film actress and last year’s winner of the best actress in a supporting role (drama) Globe.

Anyway, Debra Messing? Even if it was back when she was still a hot skinny fashion clothes hanger (one baby ago), she’s still just a "TV sitcom star". Let’s hope Chanel at least remembered to have the dress dry-cleaned.

Poor Natalie. But also, poor Chanel. Coco must be turning over in her grave. Time will tell if the powerful French design house can stitch up their frayed image by Oscar time. If they can’t, fashion critics will be counting the Oscar Chanel designs on one finger: Nicole Kidman. If she attends.

Photo (left): Natalie Portman in ‘vintage’ Chanel at the 2006 Golden Globes
(George Pimentel / WireImage)

Photo (right): Debra Messing wearing what looks like the same Chanel frock at Glamour Magazine’s 2001 Women of the Year Awards.
(Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage)

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