ronald mcdonald mcdonalds adds fish mcbites to happy meal lineup gi Fish McBites arrive at McDonald's and infiltrate Happy Meals everywhere

Parents across the world should be concerned, as kids have a new reason to go to McDonald’s. The world’s biggest burger chain is adding the first new entree to their Happy Meal lineup in a decade. Fish McBites are here to help kids get through Lent.
It’s a time where, instead of eating cheeseburgers with questionable beef content, kids can rely on deep fried pieces of fish to accompany their french fries. According to the Associated Press, the launch of Fish McBites in Happy Meals, as well as on the regular menu, is the start of a bigger vision, to offer limited-time items on a rotating basis. McDonald’s currently does this with the McRib, their version of a pork sandwich. It could also be the plan for the company’s Mighty Wings, should they ever get out of the testing stage.
McDonald’s USA’s director of marketing, Brian Irwin, says the McBites are a play on Chicken McBites, which were introduced for a limited time in 2012. McDonald’s sells more Chicken McNugget Happy Meals than they do burgers, or cheeseburgers, so they feel these are a natural fit. Irwin says kids enjoy being able to “dip” their food.
He also cites internal research that shows moms want more seafood on the menu. It seems Fish McBites is as close as they’re willing to get, at this point. The company will also be offering adult portions of Fish McBites, including a “shareable” pack of 30 pieces.
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