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Last Friday, I participated in a satellite interview tour with Nathan Fillion, former star of Joss Whedon's first Fox series "Firefly" — in which he played tortured, sardonic spaceship Capt. Malcolm Reynolds — and current star of ABC's Monday-night crime caper show, "Castle."

As video of the interview was only available on Beta tape, and that's very difficult to post on the Web with only a laptop and my limited skills, I have only six or so minutes of audio to offer.

But this is Nathan Fillion, who's as quick-witted as any actor I've ever interviewed, so a few minutes counts for a lot.

And so you understand what I'm talking about when I mention the reactions of some folks on Twitter to the initially lukewarm reviews of the show, I've posted some of the tweets below.

I confess to thinking that the concept — handsome mystery novelist pairs with snarky female cop to chase killer committing murders based on his books — was not exactly groundbreaking, as I said here…

KateOH: @HitFixDaniel "Castle" is so ordinary & formulaic in so many ways that Fillion is the only reason I'd watch — & I'm not sure he's enough.

…but the enthusiasm in the Twitterverse turned me around.

tvmadman: @KateOH I agree on CASTLE. It is like a warm blanket before you go to sleep.

VodkaPundit: @KateOH No matter how folks might judge the series, Castle is pretty much the role you want to see Nathan Fillion play.

thetelevixen: @KateOH I really enjoyed Castle. I think it works because Nathan Fillion's in the lead role. Don't know if it'd work without his cheekiness.

Audio below:

Posted by:Kate O'Hare