flashforward sonya walger 02 320 'Flash Forward': We stand correctedAt the six-minute mark, we get handed the message for the week: Do not try to cheat the universe, because it will self-correct. Somewhere, the disembodied spirit of Dyson Frost is cackling and saying, “I told you so!”

Agent Fiona Banks is back! As is the Blue Hand gang! She’s investigating a string of deaths — people who had survived their death dates are now being murdered. Naturally, Demetri — who outlived his own death date — teams up with her. They quickly finger a fellow Blue Hander who’s been killing people under the theory that the universe only wants so many people alive at a time, or else its energy gets all out of whack. (Honestly, it’s a lot like the first plot arc in J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars.)

Demetri and Fiona get their man — barely, as he dies on the spot — and by the episode’s end, Fiona’s struck the woman Gough died to save, and she’s getting the same phone call Al got. The universe is self-correcting.

Simon is contacted by the shadowy cabal holding Annabel — get back that QED within 12 hours or his sister gets killed. Since he walks around looking all high-strung and stuff, Mark immediately twigs to the situation and worries (correctly) that the Mosaic Project is compromised. He persuades Wedeck to sink some resources into finding Annabel. Simon is, unsurprisingly, not filled with confidence over this, but Mark saves the day, saves the girl, and discovers it’s for naught as Simon stole the QED and dropped off the grid.

Thoroughly peeved, he channels his irritation into investigation and nails Simon as Suspect Zero. Also on the universe’s to-do list: Make Llolivia a reality. There is one genuinely funny scene where Vreede shows up to question Gabriel at the hospital where Olivia’s treating him, and the whole time Olivia’s talking, Gabriel is mouthing along everything she’s going to say.

We learn that he’s flashed to the FBI headquarters, and has memorized Mark’s special bulletin board. He meets Lloyd for the first time …

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