christine woods flashforward 320 'FlashForward': Christine Woods' tattoos may leave a mark“FlashForward” star Christine Woods knows that having a tattoo, like the visible one she has on her arm, can sometimes be a liability for an actor.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case with her getting cast in ABC’s “FlashForward,” which returns to finish its freshman season on Thursday, March 18.

“These tattoos are mine and [my character] Janis’. I get to keep them on the show,”  Woods told Zap2it at a recent set visit. “It’s so wonderful to actually keep your tattoo in a job. It takes away at least an hour in the makeup chair.

“This is what helped me get
the job because people couldn’t remember my name, but they remembered
my tattoo. It’s how I got the callback — ‘The girl with the thing on
her arm.'”

That “thing” is the image of three circles on the inside of Woods’ forearm, which the actress graciously extended to have its picture taken.

christine woods tattoo 'FlashForward': Christine Woods' tattoos may leave a markExecutive producer Jessika Borsiczky added, “I can say that her tattoos came before the show. When we first cast her, we called her the Three Circles Girl. We didn’t ever call her by her name.”

Woods plays FBI agent Janis Hawk, who’s helping investigate the mysterious incident when everybody in the world blacked out for two minutes. During this time, they each saw individual visions of their future, which for Janis was her being pregnant.

In the world of “FlashForward,” small, seemingly insignificant things and symbols mean a lot, and it would be a natural fit if Woods’ tattoos could be incorporated into the story. The actress doesn’t exactly confirm our suspicions, but she does tease us with the possibility that the tattoos will play a part.

“[The tattoos] might actually come up, the reason for them might come up, so it’s sort of built into Janis,” said Woods.

Borsiczky wasn’t quite as encouraging, only saying, “I can’t speak to that.”

Tattoos, especially those that come in threes, are nothing new to “FlashForward.” In Mark Benford’s (Joseph Fiennes) vision, he saw men breaking into his office, and one of them had a tattoo of three stars on his forearm. This three-star motif comes up again and again, either on arms, walls or brochures.

Three stars. Three circles. Any connection?

“I think I might have inspired the three stars,” said Woods with a smile. “That’s just what I think.”

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