flashforward 'FlashForward': David Goyer explains March return date and what's nextFlashForward’s midseason finale aired Thursday (Dec. 3) and there were certainly some surprises and reveals, the biggest perhaps being that the show will not return until March of next year.

This, however, isn’t just news to the audience. Co-creator/executive producer David Goyer tells Zap2it the network presented his team with the option only a couple of days ago. But the decision wasn’t difficult.

If “FlashForward” returned in January it would’ve suffered through four schedule interruptions due to holidays, the Olympics and other various conflicts in the way. Coming back in March allows the show to avoid that mess and run all of the season’s remaining episodes without break.

But will the storyline dates match up with real life dates? Will Demetri (John Cho)’s March 15th D-Day actually match up with the week of March 15, 2010? No. March 15th in the “FlashForward” world will actually play out at some point in April.

What else can we expect when the show comes back?

Lloyd has now claimed publicly that he and Simon were responsible for the flash forward. As a viewer, we have to assume this isn’t actually the case. Can you tell us if they in fact had anything to do with it?
DG: Yes. They did.

Lloyd’s reveal of the situation set Simon up nicely to work with the FBI. Will we see more of that come March?
DG: Yes, Simon is pretty much on the Mosaic team from the next episode onward.

And the movement with Lloyd this week was interesting too. His kidnapping, yes, but more importantly, his progression with Olivia. It now sort of feels like they should be together.
DG: Well then I think we did our job right. Because how do you justify breaking up a family?!

Chemistry, apparently!
DG: Yes. It’s hard though because it’s a really razor thin edge to walk. We had to create nice chemistry between them, but you don’t want [to take it to too far]. And to a certain extent, we had to paint Mark as being harsh so that the audience [is open to another possibility for her]. The bad [scenario] would be if Olivia started to drift toward Lloyd and everyone decided she’s a cheating you-know-what. We have to make sure the audience is sympathetic to the various parties.

Which you clearly did since their chemistry is apparent. Can we assume we’ll see a lot more of that in the episodes to come?
DG: Yes. But we have two, no three, massively great twists in [the next two] episode[s].

Can you tease any of them?
DG: We’ll find out who Suspect Zero is. That’s a big one. And we’ve only seen a part of Mark’s flash forward at this point, so we’re going to find out what the rest of it is.

And will we see more of this mysterious Nhadra Udaya (Shohreh Aghdashloo)?
DG: Yes, she will be returning this season.

When will we find out who the heck she is?
DG: I can’t say that people will really know who she is this season, but she definitely is an instrumental player in the story. And Michael Massee (D. Gibbons) too, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Michael Massee.

Ah, so this storyline is carrying over into season two, despite the fact that we’ll hit the April 29th flash forward date before season one ends. We’ve been wondering how the story will continue once that date comes and goes. This week’s promo indicated there will be another flash, so viewers are speculating that that will move us into season 2…
DG: [Laughs] You don’t think I’m really going to answer that, do you?

Had to try. We will see people’s flash forwards coming true or not coming true before the season ends though, no?
DG: Yes.

Can you say whether any of them will turn out positively? Does anyone have a happy ending coming their way?
DG: Oh, yeah! About half of them will turn out to be positive. And some of the flashes that seemed to be negative won’t turn out to be negative.

Like maybe Demetri won’t die.

DG: Well I’m not gonna say. But some of the flashes that seemed negative will turn out positively and [vice versa]. And part of the fun of it is working with people’s expectations. We’ve always said that some of the characters have misinterpreted what they’re seeing. Now obviously some of them are unassailable. [Laughs] Mark’s situation seems pretty dire at the end of the season.

Interesting. Anything else you want to tell your fans to tide them over through this three-month break?
DG: We’ve been given the latitude to crank up the pace of the storytelling in the episodes from now onward. Some of the criticism of the show has been that it has a deliberate pacing, but no one will levy that criticism ever again once we come back! There are massive, massive reveals when we return. Reveals that will change the whole playing field.

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