flashforward james callis 320 'FlashForward': Delving into Janis HawkI tell you, “FlashForward” is really starting to pick up steam and make some good decisions as a show. They’re still making the occasional bad one, but the good ones seem to be growing more numerous and the story seems to be getting better.

Janis Hawk let us know at the top of this episode that she never wanted to be an FBI agent. She did, however, enjoy her training time at Quantico. Well, she wasn’t telling us that, we saw her, in a flashback, saying as much to a woman in whom she was interested. The woman’s name was Lita and she wasn’t interested in Janis, she was, I think the term is, a ‘honeypot’ or ‘honeytrap.’ It was Lita who recruited Janis to be a mole. Lots of Janis flashbacks this week detailing her recruitment and spy actions, good stuff.

Less than good – if you’re a member of the FBI that is, for us I think it was really great – was Janis going out and trying to recover Frost’s blueprints from the various places where there were copies. Mark actually managed to catch Janis in the act. As I have absolutely no respect for the guy I figured that Janis would easily be able to talk her way out of it, that Mark wouldn’t suspect her. I think, but I’m not convinced, that I was wrong. Mark didn’t call Janis on being a mole, but I think he suspected her.

Mark almost certainly knew when the professor Janis had given the blueprints to came to talk to Mark about how his copy had magically disappeared and all the hard drives in his building were wiped. He still didn’t call her on it tonight, but he knows. Tell me he knows. He does know, doesn’t he? He didn’t buy that it’s just her pregnancy, did he? He said he never doubted that he could count on her, but he doubted. He had to doubt, right?

Sadly, even if he thinks he knows that she’s a mole, he’s probably wrong. Late in the episode we saw another flashback that was a meeting between Vogel and Janis wherein Vogel told her that the Agency wanted her to be a double agent. Janis seemed to accept his proposition and agree to only pretend like she was a mole. We all know that sometimes double agents go triple. We’ll see if that happens here. We’ll also see if Janis accepts her newest mole assignment, killing Mark.

James Callis was back as Gabriel this week. He completely freaked Olivia out when she found him sitting there in her house. Callis is great, isn’t? Gabriel had all this weird info about times in the past when he’d seen her. At first I figured that Gabriel was saying that he had flashed to those events, not that he’d actually been there. I was wrong, Olivia took a look at some photographs from events in the past and there Gabriel was in all of them. I think Gabriel’s awesome.

Why? Well, if the above wasn’t enough, because he told Olivia that every time he saw her in flashes she was with Lloyd. Gabriel told Olivia that she was traveling down the wrong road and he was there to correct her. See, now if that conversation had happened before she separated from Mark I think I might have preferred it, but I’m not complaining, I’ll say it again, Gabriel (and Callis) are awesome. We could definitely use more of him down the line.

Quick flashes:

  • Aaron continued his search for Tracy tonight. I know that the search means a lot to him, but not to me. Not until it really, truly, and fully ties in with the flashes.

  • Frost’s blueprints looked like the Antikythera Mechanism… of course they did. They apparently also give you times which are good for flashes to occur.

  • “Sweetie do you want me to make you that frozen pizza?” “No, I’m all full on popcorn.” “Okay.” That’s the kind of parent I wish I could be.

  • Raven River is a psych hospital for schizophrenics. Gabriel was there at some point in the past. Flashes were apparently tested there every other day for two years. Poor guy, that has to hurt you.

  • Mark found one of those flash-preventing rings in the queen he got as a leftover from Frost’s fun little explosion early in the season. That thing is probably more important than his wedding band ever was.

  • Maybe the bad guys were coming for the ring on April 29? And Wedeck instantly accepted that? See, that’s the sort of ridiculous leap taken as gospel that I can’t buy. Maybe they’re right, but there was absolutely nothing we got tonight to make it as certain as they seemed to believe.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser