joseph fiennes john cho flashforward 320 'FlashForward': Demetri tries to file an extensionMarch 15 is rapidly approaching on “FlashForward,” and that means we’ll soon be getting our answer as to whether Demetri ought to have had a flash or not. For a minute I actually thought they might reveal the answer this week. They didn’t, but we did get a pretty good cliffhanger ending and it does seem like we’ll have an answer next week.

Everything started off this time out with Mark questioning Marcie, and one of the first things she talked about was her flashforward (she was in jail in it). It seems as though no one had ever bothered to ask her what it was she saw. Now, I don’t want to start another recap by talking about things that don’t make sense on this show, but do you honestly believe that with everyone in the office talking about their flash and what they saw no one ever — ever — asked Marcie what she saw? They were all there on their coffee break — Demetri said he had no flash, Janis talked about the OB, Mark about the masked gunmen, and no one bothered with Marcie? If that’s the case, they really are bad investigators and horrible friends. It’s good that the bigwigs came in to take Marcie away from them.

Far more believable (and a storyline I quite liked) was the search for Mark’s gun. It had apparently been used to kill a homeless man the night before. Mark and Demetri ended up following a lead on a car seen driving away from the shooting to a crazy guy who was holding a salesgirl hostage. Why a salesgirl? Because salespeople sell cell phones and cell phones caused the flash (as the crazy guy explained it — no one blacked out before they had a cell, did they?). Gotta love the logic. Also, gotta love the fact that the gunman was taken out by Demetri without our hero getting shot. Let’s face it, no one wants to see Demetri off the show.

Unfortunately, the gunman wasn’t using Mark’s gun (we learned later that it was probably Dyson Frost who killed the homeless man). There was no real hard proof that the crazy guy had the gun, just that he was driving a car similar to someone who was seen driving away from the other crime scene.

This week Demetri ended up making the decision Mark couldn’t make last week — to leave town with his beloved before something could happen. He asked Zoey to marry him early and said they should travel to Hawaii before he was supposed to be shot. Poor Demetri didn’t leave town early enough. Frost followed Demetri home after he and Zoey booked the church. Frost then knocked Demetri out and shoved him in Frost’s car. The really weird thing about that was that Frost brought Demetri to the school carnival Olivia and Charlie were at. Frost met Charlie at the end of the episode, but it was kind of unclear about where Frost was headed with that meeting (your thoughts appreciated).

I was also happy to see this week that the Jericho stuff is being folded into the main storyline. The new VP had a little chat with Wedeck and asked him to investigate the head of the paramilitary group. That was also great because it meant that Wedeck might become a bigger part of the show and he’s a character who has been severely underutilized. Wedeck, at Mark’s suggestion, went on a search for — and found — Aaron who promptly informed Wedeck that he was headed for Afghanistan. The agent then provided some slightly illegal support to help get Aaron into Afghanistan so that Aaron can go find his daughter. Illegal? Oh certainly, but heck, that wasn’t the first time this season they’d done something illegal.

Quick flashes:

  • At least Mark admitted that he hasn’t been making good choices.

  • Charlie and Dillon are setting up playdates for Olivia and Lloyd. The kids are playing Cupid, isn’t that sweet?

  • Speaking of, when did Olivia and Lloyd really fall for each other? Because, tonight with that smooch they definitely seem to have fallen.

  • Boy, a bunch of people on the Mosaic squad started at the FBI on the same day. Odd.

  • Nice to see how Zoey met Demetri and that Demetri is a fun drunk.

  • Janis told Demetri she was pregnant. Was that just to make him feel better or for real?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser