dominicmonaghan xmenoriginswolverineredcarpet 290 'FlashForward': Dominic Monaghan is Keyser SozeTonight on “FlashForward,” Bizarro Olivia is totally blinded by not wanting to trust the visions, and it turns out her possible new lover Lloyd worked with Dominic Monaghan to orchestrate the blackout. Um… what?

Drs. Olivia & Bryce
A crazy man named Ned comes into the hospital with residual pain from the blackout. He crashed on a bus and had to swim out of a pond. He tells Bryce and Olivia that his flashforward showed him at a club, rocking leather pants, and he was Black. Um, yeah. Turns out he has Addison’s Disease, which explains how calm he was in the bus crash and the surgery. It also means his body is producing melanin instead of adrenaline, which is what darkens his skin.

Unfortunately, Olivia lets her bias against the visions keep her from treating the patient for Addison’s. Because she’s a huge bitch. Seriously. I liked the character before thie episode but she is ridiculous this week. Ned almost dies on the table but Olivia relents just in time to give him a shot of hydrocortisone and save his life.

Olivia apologizes to Bryce later. My boyfriend had remarked this episode, “If I worked with her, she’d be lucky that she’s a woman.” Seriously. I wanted to smack her too.

Lloyd & Dylan Simcoe

Autistic Dylan is freaking out and his dad Lloyd is all up in Olivia’s business because he doesn’t know what to do about Dylan. She advises him to go over to his late wife’s house, which he is scared to do, but he eventually does and sees how organized the house is for Dylan’s autism.

Mark & Demetri
Mark wants to enlist a hacker (Cheeto Dust, awesome) to get into a CIA mainframe so they can get satellite imagery of the Somalia incident from 1991. Demetri questions Blonde Terrorist from the blackout and wants to follow up on her terrorism/dirty bomb lead in Indio, so Wedeck sends them to a restaurant in Indio instead of following up on Somalia.

They chase a cook from the restaurant and find a backpack full of weed. Mark is mad that Demetri’s being so crazed and drives Demetri to snapping and revealing that he’s going to be murdered March 15th by 3 shots to the chest.

Blonde Terrorist knows about Demetri’s lack of flashforward, but it’s because she read it on the internet, not because she knows anything. Mark questions her about the blackout and she says they should stop worrying about the “how” and start worrying about the “why.”

So Mark and Al get Cheeto Dust to hack the computer system.  We do not get to see the outcome of that this week.


Nicole is back to babysitting Charlie. Apparently Nicole used to be babysat herself by Aaron’s daughter Tracy. She goes to visit her priest and  reveals to him that in her flashforward she was being punished and asks if God made it happen. He says it’s hard to believe a divine hand wasn’t involved. He then gives her the phone number of the volunteer coordinator because Nicole wants to help out.

Later she reveals to Mark that she saw someone drowning her in her flashforward and that she felt like she deserved it because she did something wrong and then she just died.

Blackout Conspiracy
At the very end of the episode, Lloyd Simcoe receives a call from Simon (Dominic Monaghan) who says, “We need to talk … But talking to me is just one of those little inconveniences is just one of those little things you’re going to have to put up with now that we’re responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history.” DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!
Thoughts & Tidbits

  • “You really are the Shakespeare of cheesy Dad humor.” — Joseph Fiennes was Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Love.”
  • “Six months from now I see myself and I’m like this invincible, fearless black guy… like Shaft or Bryant Gumbel.”
  • Why was Al searching for Celia? I’m assuming we’ll revisit that.
  • I dig the twist that Lloyd is involved in the blackout. I predict Mark will slowly spiral into craziness and drinking and Olivia will be driven into Lloyd’s arms, only to be rescued from the eeeeeevil blackout-causer by her husband who never gave up hope and they will reunite for May sweeps.
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