flashforward zachary knighton yuko takeuchi 320 'FlashForward' finale: Mark and company go out with a bangThe entire season of “FlashForward” has been leading up to this week’s episode. Well, it all has except for the tons of wrong turns the FBI has taken in pursuing the case, but for the purposes of the finale that’s neither here nor there.

We really don’t have to discuss the dead ends and foolishness that occurred in the past because before the first commercial break there was new foolishness in the present. For the last time this season (I promise) I’m going to tell you that I had no idea what Wedeck was doing — he busted Mark out of jail first thing this week. Surely if Wedeck wanted Mark to not die at the FBI offices, leaving the guy in jail was a pretty good way to make that happen. Plus, as the bad guys wouldn’t necessarily have known that Mark wasn’t at the office they may still have tried to break in to the FBI and could have gotten caught without risking Mark’s life.

Wedeck instead drove Mark straight to the FBI. That small fact probably didn’t matter — once Wedeck busted Mark out there was no way Mark wasn’t going to go back to the office (even if there were bombs inside the place, and there were). Not only did Mark go inside, but he had a little discussion with Hellinger first and Hellinger sent the bad guys in after Mark (d’oh!). The one thing our FBI agent hero was missing for his flash to be one hundred percent fulfilled was being completely drunk so that (he had apparently sobered up pretty good). Outside of that, he’d set up his fate pretty well.

Probably it’s a good thing that he wasn’t drunk, because if he had been he never would have been able to connect the dots on the strings on his board which spelled out “T.E.N.F.O.U.R.T.E.E.N.P.M.” and then pointed to April 29. That’s right, the next blackout was scheduled for a few minutes after the arrival of the date and time witnessed in the first.

Mark didn’t have time to contemplate that what with the baddies showing up. They shot up Mark’s office pretty good, but he lived through the firefight, as did Wedeck. What Mark didn’t do (Wedeck did) was vacate the building that was about to blow up. Silly Mark, if he had left the building when he had the chance, the bad guys still would have been inside and died when it blew up, but he certainly wouldn’t have been.

Back at the top of the episode, Dylan and Lloyd showed up at the beach to hang with Charlie and Olivia. Technically speaking, they were there more to convince Olivia to go back to the house than to hang at the beach. Olivia completely bought into Lloyd’s logic and went with him. Actually, she more than completely bought into it because she agreed to snog with Lloyd on the basis that they had just finished doing as much in her flash (it kind of makes you wonder how many folks got lucky because they had seen themselves getting lucky).

As for Simon, Demetri, and Janis, they broke into NLAP. Well, Janis helped them distract the security guard by having serious complications with her pregnancy, she never actually made it inside. Being at NLAP put Demetri and Simon at the exact right place at the exact right time to stop the machine being fired up and thereby prevent the next blackout. They didn’t succeed though. Awesome.

Yup, people saw another vision of the future. There were a couple different dates that flew across the screen, but I don’t know about any of them being right as we saw an adult Charlie all happy that “they found him” and none of the dates I saw would have made Charlie an adult Found who? Perhaps Mark as Mark was running towards a helicopter that was outside a window at FBI office when the blackout occurred. He may have died or maybe someone with a ring pulled him out. That could have happened, after all, that nice woman who recruited Janis and slept with Simon, she had a ring and took a sleeping Janis from the hospital during the flash. So, perhaps, “he” referred to Janis’ baby (she’s having a boy!) and not Mark. Who knows, but what I do know is that Charlie was smiling in her new flash (take that “no more good days” pronouncement).

In any case, the last thing we saw on “FlashForward” was the FBI office blowing up pretty good. I choose to believe that Mark perished in the blast, a victim of his own pigheadedness. No doubt many will disagree and perhaps a detailed analysis of every shot shown in the second flash will prove me wrong, but that’s how I choose to see it.

Quick flashes:

  • Tracy didn’t die last week, but surely you knew that she didn’t, didn’t you? After all, her storyline was progressing exactly as was foretold – she had to be alive.

  • Bryce found Keiko… or vice versa. Good for them, may they live happily ever after.

  • Vogel ended up saying Mark was dead not because he was but because he figured Mark couldn’t make it out before the bomb went off. He was wrong to say it at the time — Mark still could have made it out at that point – but he may have been proven right a few minutes later.

  • Nicole was being saved, not drowned.

  • I don’t know, are we happy with the finale? I’m not unhappy. Things could have gone better, I don’t particularly appreciate the cliffhanger ending, but it certainly worked within the established framework of the show. I did want to see Zoey again though.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser