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How right was Aaron at the opening of “FlashForward” tonight? Mark shouldn’t be lying to Olivia about what Aaron is doing in the house or what Charlie saw during her vision. Then again, Mark shouldn’t be doing a lot of what he’s been doing.

Speaking of trouble – can anything good come of Demetri lying to Zoey about what he saw or didn’t see? He’s going to fess up eventually, even if it’s his dead body doing the fessing. Either that or Demetri is just hugely confused and Udaya’s “intelligence” is in fact a fake.

Mark wanted to fly to Germany to talk to a Nazi, Rudolph Geyer. Why? Because Geyer’s photo was on the board. I’m sorry, I promise not to harp on it every episode of the show but on the board doesn’t mean valid, it doesn’t mean real, it doesn’t mean anything except that it was on the board. It’s the sort of circular logic that makes my head want to explode, and that’s why I have such a problem with it.

Geyer wanted out of prison for whatever his information was, and Janis was smart enough to realize that Mark was being foolish trading the Nazi’s freedom for whatever his intelligence might have been. Geyer had to give a sneak peek at whatever he had, and thank goodness he did before Mark could give away the store with the potential of getting nothing in return.

Geyer’s sneak peek was the answer on why the blackout was 137 seconds. Well, it was Kaballah – which, if you write it in Hebrew and add the numbers together that the figures represent is 137 (please, correct me if I have that wrong, but I think that was the insanity he spewed). It’s seemingly worthless info and the logic only went circular after that – Geyer explained that Mark should trade Geyer’s freedom for the info Geyer had because Mark already did in the future. What it didn’t mean was that Mark got good info for Geyer’s freedom, just that he traded the freedom for the info.

Mark had stuff explained to him (at least a little) by the German agent at the prison. Why is it that people have to try and talk Mark off the ledge over and over and over again? He seems to not listen a lot of the time however, always preferring to go off half-cocked. He may call it “faith,” but I think it may be closer to pure blindness. I’m starting to think of him as the Jack Bauer of “FlashForward,” he may head down the right path, but only because the writers script it that way. I’d bet that the crows do somehow fit – maybe the previous blackout theory is right – and that even if they don’t, Mark doesn’t change the way he operates in future episodes (by the way, did the first graph show the crow population increasing again in the months following the 2009 blackout?).

Don’t mistake my complaints for a dislike of the show, I do think it’s a lot of fun and that there’s a great mystery here, I just think the mystery is with Lloyd Simcoe, Demetri Noh, whomever Dominic Monaghan’s character may be (fine, I’m going on faith there), and maybe even Aaron. I’m just not liking the path Mark is travelling down with the investigation.

Quick flashes:

  • I’m pretty sure that the FBI doesn’t have a priority level called “nuclear.”

  • Seriously though, Demetri (or “home slice” if you prefer) needs to go all Zac Efron and get his head in the game.

  • How can Zoey have seen a vision that involved Demetri being alive? She’s just misinterpreting what she saw, right?

  • Aaron wanting his daughter exhumed, to me that wasn’t a bad idea, illegal perhaps, but not a bad idea.

  • After giving Mark good advice about not lying at the start of the episode, Aaron was then instantly wrong about Mark doing “whatever” he has to do. That sort of sentiment gets you into deep, deep trouble down the line.

  • How can Tracy be dead now and alive later? How? I beg of you, how?!?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser