flashforwrad 01 320 'FlashForward' heads to Somalia's Ganwar RegionSo it was off to the Ganwar Region of Somalia this time out on “FlashForward.” Well, Vogel, Demetri, Janis, and Simon got to go anyway, as we found out last week Mark wasn’t going to be allowed to go. I was simply crushed by that… wait, no, that’s not true at all, is it?

That poor translator fellow who took the team to Somalia, he didn’t last very long on the ground, did he? But, then again, Abdi knew the translator was lying, didn’t he? After all, Abdi, who just missed the first blackout in Somalia, recognized Simon from television. Now seriously, didn’t the FBI think about that before putting Simon in the field? Simon went on television announcing to the world that he caused the blackout, and no matter how you view the importance of our country, Somalia does count as part of the world. Didn’t just about everyone with a television see Simon, why wouldn’t Abdi have seen him as well? Sending Simon undercover anywhere doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Abdi was, as he told it, the only survivor when that first blackout hit. Of course, he wasn’t the only survivor, he just didn’t hang around town long enough to watch everyone else wake up. By the time Abdi got back to town, everyone had just been taken somewhere else… like the basement of the one remaining tower to be interviewed and then die. D Gibbons (or Frost if you prefer) planned the blackout, wiped out the town, left a VHS tape for Demetri. Man do I want to know what was on the that tape.

Outside of the VHS tape, it wasn’t really a good night for the Mosaic taskforce, was it? They lost their translator, found a whole bunch of skeletons, and were repeatedly threatened by Abdi. Good for Janis, getting Abdi to not kill them all, and not just because that would really only have left us with Mark on the investigation (we all know how I feel about him).

Are you surprised that Abdi got a couple of bullets tonight? I can’t say that I am. He was one bad guy. No, I’m not saying that Abdi deserved his fate – he had a horrific experience as a child and then grew up alone in a war torn country, that sort of thing is bound to skew your view somewhat. I just wasn’t terribly surprised because even his acquiescing to releasing the team when Janis talked to him seemed out of character. He seemed awfully intent on killing people every step of the way, and those kind of people have a tendency to wind up dead.

Lastly for the week, here’s what I think about Charlie – Mark was actually right. If Charlie did in fact know something about Gibbons, Charlie should be talking to someone about what she knows. Thankfully she did, her mom. As it turned out, she actually didn’t know anything about Gibbons, that was just her overhearing Lloyd on the phone with Mark. Yeah, what Charlie heard was way worse – two guys in suits (Vogel was one of them we learned) in her backyard, one of whom (Vogel) said that Mark Benford was dead. Of course, he wasn’t because he was on the phone with Lloyd at the time, but those masked guys were certainly going to try to make him dead. Interesting, I want to know how that plays out too, but I’m betting against Vogel being the alleged mole.

Quick flashes:

  • So both Janis and Demetri lied to their translator in the chopper. Yeah, I’d probably lie to random people too if there was something serious in my flash.

  • Why don’t camels blackout? Or, was the camel outside the range of the towers as well?

  • I’d like Bryce better if his name was Martin Goathead… or, better still, Mountain Goathead. I’m not sure that I care at all that he told Nicole about his illness.

  • Did Demetri and Janis actually sleep together?

  • Vogel said he was just doing his job when he talked about his flash. You figure that’s true? Did someone just report Mark dead to him or did he know something we don’t?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser