flashforward1203 'FlashForward': Lloyd takes responsibility for the blackoutOn “FlashForward” tonight, Lloyd and Simon finally outed themselves and the National Linear Accelerator Project (the group they work for). They held a press conference and stated that they believed that they caused the blackout. Well, that’s what Lloyd said anyway; Simon was more wishy-washy.

The worldwide audience didn’t take their announcement very well — particularly the woman sitting in the auditorium who grabbed a security guard’s gun and shot at Lloyd while he was still talking. I guess that sort of thing is to be expected when you announce you’ve killed a whole bunch of people and kind of changed the world forever.

Of course, the show is still putting out there the notion that Simon, Lloyd, and NLAP might not be responsible for the flash — it might be D. Gibbons. Simon, in fact, kind of insists that it wasn’t them. I found myself very much wondering whether Simon was right, in denial, or simply doesn’t want to tell anyone that he’s sure they did it.

There was one statement Simon made that definitely sounded accurate: Even if they did it, it probably wasn’t a crime. Unless they knew what was going to happen in advance, and I can’t imagine that they did, it is hard to hold them responsible.

All of that was well and good. I do like that the story moved forward in terms of Lloyd finally stepping up and claiming responsibility for the flash, but the show really picked up the pace when Simon went to chat with the FBI. Apparently he did design the structures in Somalia — they’re specialized pulsed lasers for a plasma afterburner — but he didn’t know that they’d been built. He didn’t even know that they could be built. Oh yeah, and the photograph was taken before Simon designed the thing. Simon working with the Feds could make the show very cool.

Elsewhere this evening, a nice man named Marshall Vogel met Mark and Demetri as soon as they landed in Hong Kong. Their passports had been flagged by immigration, and Wedeck was on to them as well. That I understood perfectly, as it made complete sense (how did they think they were going to get into Hong Kong without being made?). The new information Vogel provided (at least I can’t recall it being discussed before) was that the United States believed China was responsible for the blackout. Is that a theory we had before?

After getting caught leaving the country when he wasn’t supposed to, Mark then took his first opportunity to lie to Wedeck. This time he told Wedeck that he had lied to Demetri about getting approval for the trip. That, allegedly, saved Demetri’s job. Or would have saved it had Demetri hopped on the next plane back. I imagine that the show will claim that it did save the job in regards to the Hong Kong trip. However, Demetri’s gallivanting all over Hong Kong for a couple of days, after he was told to come back, probably ought to be taken into consideration by Wedeck.

The two men did succeed in talking to Nhadra Udaya, and she was even forthcoming, so the trip wasn’t a total loss. She told Demetri and Mark that Mark was going to be the one to shoot Demetri. Mark’s kidnapping Nhadra at that point certainly made things interesting, but it didn’t really prevent the events she was talking about, nor did it work to Mark’s advantage, as the cops and Vogel were right there outside the restaurant to rescue her.

Mark’s actions do seem to have gotten him fired though. Not like he didn’t completely deserve it.

Quick flashes:

  • Seriously, how dumb was Lloyd not accepting the FBI’s help watching him and his son? I won’t say he deserved to get kidnapped, but he was almost asking for it.

  • Was that Nhadra Udaya’s own version of a crazy Mosaic corkboard in her office or something else?

  • Are Zoey and Demetri’s family really in Hawaii for his funeral or is it just a beautiful beach and kind of inappropriate?

  • Lloyd and Olivia could have met at Harvard… had Olivia gone. I appreciate Lloyd busting out the “many worlds” theory in order to try and mack on her.

  • Apparently there are no more episodes till March. Wow. Until next time!

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Posted by:Josh Lasser