sonyawalger flashforward 290 'FlashForward': Sonya Walger is ready for a fightWe’re still a long way from finding out what caused the world’s population to black out on “FlashForward.” But the event’s effects on several characters will come to the forefront in a big way with Thursday’s (Oct. 29) episode.

“It’s a big episode,” says Sonya Walger, who plays Dr. Olivia Benford on the ABC series. “It’s one where an awful lot of what she’s been battling against really comes to a head.”

Specifically, Walger says that Olivia will confront her husband, FBI Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), about secrets he’s been keeping from her. The episode will also bring Olivia, Mark and Lloyd (Jack Davenport) — the other man in Olivia’s vision — together.

Here’s more of what Walger had to say about what lies ahead and the struggles her character faces.

Zap2it: What’s it like playing someone who’s seen a glimpse of her future? Is there a lot of confusion in the character?
Walger: Confused is part of it, but I don’t feel like that’s the only flavor. I feel like there’s an enormous amount of fierce determination not to let the flash-forwards happen. I actually think Olivia’s not that confused — I think she’s just stubborn. She’s not even countenancing the alternative. I think in episode four, she had to really face losing [a patient’s] life or giving up her — what would be the word? — her loyalty to Mark and everything … she chose his life, but that was only when the odds became that extreme.

Olivia’s very stubborn about her vision, and Mark is almost frantic about trying to realize his. How will that affect your relationship going forward?
I think he’s really conflicted because on the one hand, he needs his flash-forward to come true because it justifies his entire investigation, and on the other hand he’s not sure he wants it to come true because he’s drinking again. One of the conditions of our marriage is that if he drinks again, I’ll leave him. So he’s completely torn.

He hasn’t confided in me about his drinking in the flash-forward. That information was just given to me in the last episode, and in this upcoming one, it’s information I confront him with. I think Olivia is justifiably outraged that she’s being punished for a crime she hasn’t committed, and all the time, Mark has had this information about his flash-forward that he hasn’t shared with her. I think the inequity of that is justifiably really irritating to her.

So that’s the big event of this episode — their confrontation?
“It’s a big episode for Olivia. … She’s been swimming upstream in regard to all the information that would seem to confirm that the flash-forwards do actually come true. I really do see her like a little, brave salmon, just determinedly going against the current to have it be otherwise. And this episode, she’s kind of forced back into the current again. There’s a huge confrontation between her and Lloyd and Mark that is really — you couldn’t have foreseen or predicted how the three of them all coming together in this way. It’s a brilliant bit of storytelling that brings them all together, and is so devastating that the three of them all come face to face. This is also the episode that you really meet Dominic [Monaghan’s] character, Simon, and he really comes into play.

What can you say about what else is coming up?
As I said, the next episode is a big one for her in terms of confronting her husband about his drinking and the ramifications of him confessing to her that he was drinking … and the net tightening around her and Lloyd and Mark. You’ll find out more about how Charlie and Dylan, the children, come into play, and the pieces all start coming a little closer together.

Is there an aspect of Olivia that you’ve really enjoyed playing so far?
I love the woman. I think she’s so interesting and complicated, she has so much going on. I have to say I’ve really loved the technical side of it. I’m a geek, and I’ve loved doing the research on the surgeries I’ve had to do; I spent a little time at Cedars Sinai with a surgeon there. I’m always really interested in the technical side of things — I think it’s fascinating.

And I have to ask if there’s any chance we’ll see Penny on “Lost” this season.

I have no idea, I’m afraid.

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