christinewoods flashforward 290 'FlashForward': Wedeck blackmails the PresidentThe way things currently stand on “FlashForward,” the future seems pretty much written (at least who is alive and who is not come the end of April). Because of that, big explosions that may or may not kill our heroes at the start of an episode are kind of anti-climactic. Mark and the FBI guys may have had their car blown up before things got going tonight, but we all knew that they weren’t in it.

The explosion happened in DC as our heroes were there for a Senate hearing on who should be running the flashforward investigation. I really like that the show brought us to those investigations and had Mark work for his crazy Mosaic corkboard investigation. Clemente is obviously a horrible person, but her asking questions about Mark and the actions of the LA field office was exactly what she should have been doing. She may have known some of the answers she was going to get, but I think questions needed to be asked.

Plus, not all the answers were known in advance. For instance, Clemente asked the million dollar question – why did Mark think his investigation was going to amount to anything. His answer was that gunmen appeared during the vision “presumably” because of what the investigation accomplishes. How does he say that with a straight face (or, how do the writers write it with one)? I’ve complained about such things enough already during this show that I’ll tell you that these scenes somewhat turned me around – Clemente was asking the right questions and I don’t imagine that she will just accept any old answer (at least I don’t think she would have as a lowly Senator, as a VP she may).

Perhaps the most interesting we learned tonight is that our good pal, Wedeck is friends with the President. That did prove that the show can still surprise us, just not with pretending that our agents got blown up. The President offered Wedeck that pretty swell promotion, wanting to make him the Director of Homeland Security, but I have to figure that after Wedeck blackmailed the President, the job came off the table.

Unquestionably the best scene of the night plot-wise (I did like the shoot-out at the end too) was at the karaoke bar. That moment with Wedeck and Mark where Mark copped to having been loaded during his flashforward was fantastic. There Wedeck was, he had put himself on the line, cashed in his chips with the President, blackmailed the leader of the free world, got the funding, and then learned that he stuck his neck out for his lead investigator who is going to be rip-roaring drunk come the end of April. That had to absolutely crush Wedeck. How safe is it to assume that Wedeck texted Olivia the info about Mark after that?

The dead Somalian crows came back again tonight. The fact that they keep coming back but not yet with any sort of huge information (tonight we learned that there are some towers in Somalia) means, to me, that those dead crows are going to be crucially important down the line.

Quick flashes:

  • The President’s flashforward apparently deals with some sort crisis.

  • Olivia seems pretty convinced Mark is going to start drinking again, I wonder how that will affect her actions.

  • What was that with Wedeck and the President – did Wedeck hide the President’s illegitimate love child?

  • If the President was President during his flash, does that mean Clemente was lying or that there are different futures that were seen?

  • This should have bothered me before now, but where is Janis Hawk getting a sonogram? Surely there’s no doctor who works that late at night. She’s got to be abroad, right?

  • Karaoke – never a good plan.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser