jack davenport flashforward revelation zero 320 'FlashForward': Zoey shows her loveThings are really starting to move on “FlashForward.” Not everything is moving in sane and/or logical ways, but stuff is moving. Even if it sometimes leads me to yelling at my TV due to the foolishness of the movement, it’s fun to watch.

I can’t really imagine what life is like for Zoey and Demetri at this point. Zoey has to try and accept the fact that soon, rather than planning a wedding, she’s going to be planning a memorial service. Does that make her grilling Mark about hypothetical situations in which Mark might want to kill Demetri right? Probably not, but it makes it understandable.

Her filing a Freedom of Information Act request however for all the Mosaic stuff- to me – not only made sense but was probably right too. Oh, I get that it would completely piss off Demetri, but I think another set of eyes, particularly a clearly intelligent lawyer’s eyes, might be able to help. That’s especially true as it doesn’t seem like the taskforce has been able to work out much at all, does it? Wedeck’s reluctance to hand over the info made sense too, but I’m happy he acquiesced … even if he had to be bullied into it.

Zoey’s pursuing the issue may destroy her relationship with Demetri, but if she’s faced with the choice between loving a dead Demetri and losing a live one… well, that’s not much of a choice, is it? Janis understood perfectly and explained it to Demetri – Zoey was acting in the way she was because she loved Demetri; she’s was doing everything she could to keep him alive. That wasn’t a particularly easy conversation for Demetri to have, but it was good that he listened and seemed to understand.

Actually, it was a night full of really difficult conversations, wasn’t it? Mark had a conversation with Lloyd in the room where Mark currently sleeps with Olivia and where Lloyd will soon be sleeping with Olivia. Good to know that Lloyd gave up all the info he could last week. No, I mean that seriously – I’m happy to have the information, you can’t fault someone for divulging everything they know when they’ve been kidnapped and their children have been threatened.

You want to talk about foolish moves though? We can do that. Seriously, how dumb was Aaron telling anyone – even Tracy’s army buddy – that she was back. No one deserves to have their child kidnapped, but Aaron was kind of asking for it, wasn’t he? Hadn’t Tracy explained to him about Jericho? Hadn’t he been paranoid enough to have Mark look into Jericho? Hadn’t he learned about Tracy’s CO dying two days after she “died?” When you have that sort of info, you don’t tell anyone that your daughter – who is still in hiding – is back. Really dumb move on his part.

At least Aaron was smart enough to go and question Mike about it. I might have called in my good friend the FBI agent to help with the questioning, but Aaron probably wasn’t thinking straight, was he? No, he couldn’t have been because he went to visit Jericho’s head of operations, Erskine. The fact that Aaron got info on Tracy probably being in Kandahar by listening in on Erskine’s call didn’t mean that the way he went about getting the info – or the way he is now going to use the information is right.

But, Aaron’s a guy who loves his daughter, that’s why we got the flashbacks of him tonight. And, as with Lloyd giving up info when his son was threatened, you can’t really fault Aaron for trying to beat the stuffing out of the guard who said some less than polite things about a young Tracy.

Quick flashes:

  • Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches… oh lord, that’s disgusting, completely disgusting.

  • “I don’t have the time to play ‘Prissy Brit’ with you.” Mark, if your flash is accurate, you’re going to be playing “Prissy Brit” for a long time.

  • D. Gibbons is Dyson Frost. I wonder if Charlie has been playing with plagiarizing physicists lately. Can’t wait to find out more of that storyline.

  • Vogel has apparently jumped on the crazy train (as evidenced by the Somalia trip)… gee, that didn’t take long. At least he didn’t want Mark in the field for the trip.

  • Uh oh, Mark’s gun is gone. I would say that no one could have seen that coming, except we all did.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser