jack-davenport-revelation-zero-320.jpg“FlashForward” returns Thursday (March 18) and it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen new episodes.

So where did we leave off? Last we saw Lloyd, he admitted that he and Simon were responsible for the blackout on live TV. Then he was abducted in front of Olivia and Dylan. So what’s Lloyd up to when we next see him?

“Obviously, I’ll be beaten to a bloody pulp and thrown in a remote location where no one could find me,” Jack Davenport (Lloyd) tells Korbi TV in the clip below. “That’s what I’d do to me if you wanted to piss or wet me and throw me in an ambulance, by men who were clearly not nurses– their bedside manner leaves something to be desired. I mean, obviously, Lloyd’s scientific relationship to the blackout, the knowledge in his head is valuable to lots of people.”

Not that when Lloyd gets free from captivity things will be any easier. If the flashforwards are right, Lloyd and Olivia will be soon be more than just friends, which jump starts a whole new set of complications. Should we expect to see that happen?

“They might,” Davenport says. “It would be pretty complicated to engineer, bearing in mind she has an angry, gun-toting husband and I have a child.”

Regardless of whether they become an official couple, Davenport says the triangle will be going strong for the rest of the season.

“There’s the increasing complication of the triangle relationship between Mark and Olivia and Lloyd,” he says. “The fact that Lloyd’s abduction, ironically enough, is going to intertwine him closer and closer and closer with Mark, which is going to be quite tricky for both of them.”

And a few of those ties between Mark and Lloyd will become clearer. There are some things Lloyd has kept quiet about which won’t be a secret for long.

Watch the Korbi TV video interview for more highlights, including how Davenport thinks Lloyd would do in a fight versus Mark.

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