flight of the conchords feel inside Flight of the Conchords returns for charity song 'Feel Inside (and stuff like that)'After a three-year break, Flight of the Conchords have returned — albeit only for a one-time engagement.

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement — along with their manager, Murray (Rhys Darby) — reunited for a charity single called “Feel Inside (and stuff like that).” Proceeds will go to Cure Kids, a charity in their home country of New Zealand that raises money to cure childhood diseases.

They’re joined by a number of other New Zealand music artists for the “We Are the World”-ish song. The lyrics are taken from a series of conversations McKenzie and Clement have with children about how to raise money for Cure Kids (the girl in the “Italia” shirt is a breakout star).

You can watch those conversations, along with a band meeting and the video for the song itself, above. Hit the Cure Kids link up above for more info, and watch the video below.

Are you happy to see FOTC again, even if it’s just for this one time?

Posted by:Rick Porter