If you think long and hard, you’ll discover that New Zealand

is known for absolutely nothing at all. Seriously. Its one claim to fame is

that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot there. That’s it. (Nope, the kiwi

fruit actually originated in China.) But in a stroke of marketing genius, to

get us to think there might be something there, they’ve exported Flight of the

Conchords to HBO Sundays. Bret, Jemaine and Murray are the best things to

happen to New Zealand since Gad (That’s how NZ-ers say God) created heaven and

earth. So if you love dry humor tuned with an acoustic guitar, call your

friends — we’re throwing a Flight of the Conchords party!

Setting the scene:

First you’ll need a homemade sign that says “Band Meeting,

Here” and someone dressed as Murray constantly taking roll call. Everyone must

answer “present” when the name Bret or Jemaine is called, or they’ll be stared

at blankly by the “door Murray” for as long as it takes. Once inside, guests

are treated to a replica of the guys’ studio apartment, replete with

side-by-side twin beds, awful wallpaper, a hot plate, acoustic guitars and a

curly-haired geeky girl with a “Mel” name tag constantly lurking in her fan

T-shirt. Hire a couple of college students to be room-traveling troubadours

singing whatever they see. Sure it sounds stupid, but wait till you hear it.

Party favors may include band T-shirts — either the official ones or handmade ones created with a ballpoint pen or the

iron-on transfers from Murray’s Street Team. Other nice gifts: horn-rimmed

glasses and sideburns.


The guys are best known for embracing that relaxed ’70s look

balanced by a complete lack of interest. Encourage guests to hit their local

consignment shops before arriving.

On the menu:

New Zealand cuisine is what you might call an oxymoron.

Think about it: When was the last time you thought “New Zealand” for takeout?

Seriously. Just put out a bowl of kiwis, then order pizza. Add strips of

eggplant to create a silhouette of Jemaine’s sideburns. Wash down with a pale


On the hi-fi:

During breaks cue up the series’ official soundtrack featuring the instant classics Robots, The Most

Beautiful Girl in the Room and Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros. If they were

in any way musical, you’d be singing them in the shower the next morning.

The showstopper:

If you haven’t realized it by now, we have no idea what

there is to do in New Zealand other than look for Hobbit remnants and pick

fuzzy fruit. Since money is no object — hence “showstopper” — why not head under for a gander? It looks a lot like Thailand,

only colder.

Posted by:Michael Korb