jeff lewis flipping out season 7 premiere bravo 'Flipping Out' Season 7 premiere: Business is booming for Jeff LewisWhen a reality show like “Flipping Out” has been on the air for the better half of a decade, you pretty much know what you’re going to get with every new season. That’s not a bad thing if the show knows how to entertain. Luckily, “Flipping Out” does.

With the premiere of Season 7 on Wednesday (March 5), things at Jeff Lewis Design are same as they ever were — with just a few minor changes. For starters, business is booming for Jeff, with a handful of new, high-profile clients seeking our favorite OCD designer’s services. Jeff’s had some big clients in the past, but “CSI” star George Eads and Zack Morris himself, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, are some pretty big gets, if you ask us.

The other major change? Newlywed assistant Jenni, whose wedding was a central focus in Season 6, is pregnant. Like, super, ready-to-pop pregnant. Her impending motherhood looks to be a central component of the new season, with Jeff concerned about how he’ll replace his right-hand woman once she goes on maternity leave.

Of course, everything else feels like business as usual. Jeff and business partner/boyfriend Gage are still pulling pranks on easy target design associate Andrew, Andrew continues to prove he’s too unprofessional to be taken seriously and Zoila continues to prove she’s the show’s MVP. Seriously, that woman is reality TV gold.

The look ahead promises drama to come, but it’s nice to see a premiere that’s noticeably lighter than recent seasons, which veered into darker, angrier territory. The fractured relationship between Jeff and Jenni, which saw him suing his best friend at one point, seems to be fully mended — and the show’s all the better for it. We’re here for the goofy pranks between co-workers and the real estate porn, not the total bummer drama. A little tension is good, but friend suing friends? No bueno. Thankfully, Season 7 seems to be free of that.

“Flipping Out” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Posted by:Billy Nilles