flo rida manager nba game gi Flo Rida's manager gets booted from NBA game in GIF form

Justin Bieber wasn’t the only person to cause a stir at game 7 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Flo Rida also made headlines when his manager, who goes by the name Lee “Freezy” Prince, was asked to leave the game.
It seems Prince got a little too excited during a shoving match between the Pacers’ Jeff Pendergraph and Miami’s Norris Cole. Both players were ejected from the game, but not before “Freezy” exchanged some words with Pendergraph near Indiana’s bench.
When Prince wouldn’t calm down, arena security asked him to leave and Flo Rida actually sided with them, according to reporter Craig Sager. He says Flo told Prince, “You’re my manager, but you’ve got to get out of here now.”
Naturally, “Freezy” had some words about his ejection. When emailed about the situation by MTV, he replies, “The feeling of the Miami Heat win became too much for them, so when they got physical I got vocal.”
Miami won the game, though it’s not clear how much the basketball actually matters at this point. After all, Bieber didn’t seem too impressed and if he doesn’t care, so goes the world.
Check out a GIF of the ejection below:
flo ride manager nba game Flo Rida's manager gets booted from NBA game in GIF form
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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