Emilyvancamp2_brothersandsisters_s2 I don’t blame Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters.

As evidenced by my column on April 18, I totally want to be a Walker. So if I actually was a Walker I would be hesitant to give that up.

I actually found it quite believable that Rebecca would lie about the results of her DNA test. We’ve seen this type of behavior from her in the past (see kissing Joe last season). Before I go any further, let’s also acknowledge Emily VanCamp’s terrific performance. She’s created a character so complete and nuanced that I totally forget that I’m watching the same actress that played Amy Abbott on my beloved Everwood.

Now on to the, as you all so perfectly dubbed it, the de-Walkering of Rebecca. I’m just not convinced this was a great direction for the show to go in. Although there is some good dramatic fodder to be garnered from this revelation (what will Nora think? How awful does this make Holly?), I feel like they primarily went in this direction so they could pursue some semblance of a Justin/Rebecca romance.

But I don’t think they can. I think it’s too late to turn back and reset their relationship. We’ve watched them as, well, brother & sister for nearly a year. And even though we now know Rebecca isn’t Justin’s sister, the whole thing is still, to put it technically, kind of icky. I don’t really want to think about Justin having romantic feelings about someone he believes is his sibling.

You know I love this show so maybe they’ll be able to convince me otherwise, but right now I’m, that’s right, not picking up what the show is putting down. How about you? Talk about it below.

Ask TV Gal

I know Wildfire isn’t a show you usually talk about but I’m going to ask anyway. They’re billing this new season as the Final Run but not actually saying it is the final season. Do you know if it is or not? Chris

Yes this is the final season of Wildfire. The show will have its series finale on May 26. And I got some fun information from my friends on ABC Family. Ryan Sypek, who plays Junior on Wildfire, will guest star on Greek on May 26 immediately following the series finale of Wildfire.

Jennafischer_theoffice_240_001 Hey, I LOVE that The Office seems to be moving in the marriage direction for Jim and Pam — I bet they will be the spin-off series…Fred.

Okay this wasn’t really a question, but I love this topic because NBC is planning on an Office spin-off next season. I’m wondering if Fred is right. Last week the show certainly seemed to be moving in the direction of separating Jim and Pam from the rest of the group. But are they too big of characters to spin-off? Would it be better for the show spin-off a character we don’t know much about (perhaps Toby who announced he was leaving? Or Ryan’s life in corporate headquarters?). The only character I really think the show shouldn’t spin-off is Dwight, who I think is too quirky of a character to carry his own show.

As a reminder, here are my rules for a spin-off.

  1. The character isn’t played out: There is still information we don’t know about the character –stories left to tell, a side of him/her we haven’t seen.
  2. The character isn’t one dimensional : The problem with Joey was that after ten years on Friends and our beloved character maturing, he was back to season one Joey once he got his own show.
  3. The show is completely different: Frasier was a success because the producers gave Frasier a brother who was more Frasier than Frasier. They also moved Frasier out of Boston and gave him a whole new setting, new workplace, and new family.
  4. We’re okay with the character leaving: Before leaving Sunnydale to join Angel, Cordelia made amends with Xander, came through for the gang on the day of the Ascension, and was so over her crush on Wesley. A little thing called closure can make a huge difference.

Which character of The Office do you think would work best in his or her own series? Talk about it below.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Clea DuVall was Jennifer, the woman married to a man with a brain tumor, on Grey’s Anatomy. She was FBI Agent Audrey Hanson on Heroes and Sofie on Carnival. Jason O’Mara was her husband. He’s Marin’s former fiancĂ© Stuart on Men in Trees and was Stiles on The Agency.

Nestor Serrano was the lawyer arguing against Denny and Alan in front of the Supreme Court on Boston Legal. Serrano was Navi Araz on 24.

Cass recognized Christopher Wiehl was the missing coma patient on Without a Trace. Among his many roles, Wiehl was Roger Hammond on Jericho, Derek McConnell on Playmakers, Jake on Love Monkey, and there are those of us who will always remember him as Owen on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Missy Yager was his wife. She was Claire on Boston Public.

Michelle and David recognized Emily Rose, the woman thought to have committed suicide on Cold Case. She was Trish on Jericho, Lena on Brothers & Sisters, and Cass on John From Cincinnati.

Garycole_westwing_240 Um, I’m going to need you to recognize Gary Cole was Dylan’s father and Katherine’s ex-husband on Desperate Housewives. We all probably have different reasons we remember Cole. He was Bill Lumbergh on Office Space, Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch movies, Lieutenant Conrad Rose on Wanted, and Lisa remembered him as Vice President Bob Russell on The West Wing.

Viola Davis was the mom of child with cancer who approached Nora on Brothers & Sisters. Davis was Agent Jan Marlow on Traveler, Molly in the Jesse Stone movies and you’ll see her soon in the upcoming miniseries The Andromeda Strain. Jen recognized Ken Howard was Boyd Taylor on Brothers & Sisters. Earlier this season, Howard was Joe on Cane. He was also Max Cavanaugh on Crossing Jordan and Ken Reeves on The White Shadow.

Keith recognized Barry Livingston as the father who punched Charlie on Two and a Half Men. We just saw him as the immigration lawyer on Eli Stone and, of course, he was Ernie on My Three Sons.

Sue recognized Leah Pipes as Kylie on Ghost Whisperer. She was Katie on Life is Wild and Jessie on Clubhouse. Sue also caught Jonathan Murphy as the ghost who was haunting her. Murphy is Ronnie on October Road.

Did you catch Jason Lewis, Smith on Sex and the City, Dex on Charmed and Chad on Brothers & Sisters, as the star of the soap opera House was watching on House? Lewis will return as House’s patient next week.

Tom Wilson was Chip Barnett, the manager at the tire recycling plant, on Bones. Wilson will always be Biff from the Back to the Future movies to me. But he’s had so many memorable TV roles including Coach Ben Fredricks on Freaks & Geeks, Sean Nowell on Ed, and Tim Flaherty on Ghost Whisperer.

Jess recognized Austin O’Brien as the former science teacher on Bones. He was Josh Green on Promised Land but Jess will always remember his as Logan Bruno in the Babysitter’s Club movie.

And it was a busy week for Becky Wahlstrom, who was Grace on Joan of Arcadia. She was the friend of the deceased mom on Bones and Sandy Foster on Women’s Murder Club.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back on Friday with quotes of the week and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo