flloyd mayweather jr gi Floyd Mayweather Jr. really likes 'The Notebook': 'Who don't want to die next to your better half?'On Friday (Sept. 16), while weighing in for his match against champion Victor Ortiz for the World Boxing Council welterweight title , Floyd Mayweather Jr. surprised reporters when he revealed a huge sentimental streak.

“I really like ‘The Notebook,'” Mayweather says.

Yes, “The Notebook.” Nicholas Sparks‘ no-holds-barred love story. And it’s not even because Mayweather finds Ryan Gosling dreamy.

“I mean, who don’t want to die next to your better half, holding hands? Die in your sleep next to the woman that you love, holding hands. That way, neither of you will ever be lonely,” the boxer says. “This is an amazing story. When you get old, what could be more beautiful than that?

“I feel like if I leave this earth and leave my better half, she is going to be lonely. If she leaves me then I am going to be lonely.”

Posted by:Brill Bundy