food network star season 10 premiere 'Food Network Star' Season 10 premiere: Which chef deserves their own show?The Food Network is really embracing the TV theme this year by starting the tenth season of its “Food Network Star” reality competition on a Los Angles studio backlot. The latest batch of 12 culinary experts vying for their own show on Food Network got their first chance to empress the judges twice in one day. How’d they do?

Like most seasons, the initial presentations started off quite rocky. Most of the contestants needed a bit of focus (and maybe some experience public speaking), but Loreal and Luca both nailed it.

After the initial judging, the contestants had 90 minutes to make their most impressive party bite for 100 people, and present the dish to the crowd, judges, network reps and E! host Ross Matthews.

Some shined more on their second shot, although, like the first time, some were talking too fast, didn’t have a clear point of view, were too low energy or too high energy.

At the judging, Loreal, Nicole and Lenny were the Top 3, while Reuben, Luca, Chris, Kenny, Aryen and Christopher were safe. Landing on the bottom were Sarah, Donna and Emma. But while Emma was a low-energy bore and Sarah was a too-fake pageant girl, it was Donna’s bizarre manic presentation that sent her home.

“I missed a really big opportunity here to get my message out there in a really quick way. I have a lot to share and I’m going to keep sharing it,” she says of her loss.

Meanwhile, Emma and Sarah are excited to try again. “I have to crack out of my shell. Now,” says Emma, while Sarah says, “I made so many miscalculations. Now I have to go start all over again. I have nowhere to go but up.”

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Posted by:Jean Bentley