juan carlos cruz calorie commando Food Network's Juan Carlos Cruz allegedly hires homeless hit menUPDATE:  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Cruz’s own wife was the target of his alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Additionally, law enforcement sources say Cruz told the homeless people his wife had recently inherited a lot of money from her family, so he wanted her out of the way. However, TMZ reports that law enforcement has determined that an inheritance does not exist.

The real motive for Cruz targeting his wife has not been determined.

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Did Juan-Carlos Cruz — the former host of a 2004 Food Network show called “Calorie Commando” — try to hire homeless people to kill someone?

That’s what the Santa Monica police believe. Sgt. Jay Trisler tells the Huffington Post that  Juan-Carlos Cruz was arrested Thursday and booked on suspicion of solicitation to commit murder. He’s now being held on $5 million bail.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead