Loveofrayj-290 OK, we’ll admit: We’ve been paying very little attention to VH1’s show “For the Love of Ray J.” Frankly, amid the blizzard of shows the channel keeps throwing onto its air, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what.

“For the Love of Ray J” had its finale Monday night, and the singer/actor/little brother of Brandy had to make his final choice among three women: Cocktail, Danger and Unique (not, as you may have guessed, their real names). He chose Cocktail, aka Joanna, a 26-year-old cocktail waitress from Sacramento, Calif.

VH1 has video of the full finale, broken into nine parts, on its own site. Below is the first act (not counting a recap of the season).

What we want to know is — if you watched it, did Ray J make the right choice? And if not, would these nine minutes make you want to watch? And why does VH1 insist on using nicknames for these women?

Posted by:Zap2it