How on earth did we miss this "Britain's Got Talent" act?

I guess we were all too knackered with disappointment over the whole sad Susan Boyle breakdown.

But Stavros Flatley was in the running with her and, frankly, watching this father-son act makes us feel just as good as Susan did.

The comedy dance team consists of Demetrios and Michalakis Andreas (aka Lagi) Demetriou, ages 41 and 13, an electrical company director and a student.

Even if you haven't ever seen Michael Flatley dance the original, you will laugh your socks off.

This act started when Demetrios was running a Greek restaurant seven years ago. He would entertain his customers after their meal. 

The father and son live in Enfield, England, with Demetrios' wife, Karen, 39, and daughter, Elle, 11.

To watch their performance on the "BGT finale,  a rousing Riverdance-style routine, keep reading. . . .


And we agree with Demetrios: Simon Cowell does seem have a little Greek in him.

BTW, Michael Flatley sent best of luck to them before their final performance.

Through gritted teeth, we bet?

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