nancy reagan gi Former first lady Nancy Reagan fractures ribs in fallFormer first lady Nancy Reagan fractured her ribs in a fall in March, but news of the injury is finally making headlines since the pain from fractured ribs reportedly kept the 90-year-old from attending a Tuesday (May 22) appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Spokeswoman Joanne Drake tells the Los Angeles Times that Reagan fell at her Bel-Air, Calif., home “weeks ago” breaking “a number of ribs.”

“She has been recovering slowly and has been adding a few appointments back onto her schedule, but was advised by her doctor not to try and attend large events too far from home just yet,” said the spokeswoman.

Reagan also suffered a fall in September at a Reagan Library event when she lost her footing, but was saved from a hard contact with the ground by Sen Mark Rubio.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson