Richard Dormer in Fortitude on PivotIt was announced Thursday (April 9) that “Fortitude” is renewed for a second season, which is great news because the first season was intense, scary and a lot of (dark) fun. But after the Season 1 finale, viewers are surely left wondering what a second season looks like?

Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t seen the Season 1 finale yet

It was revealed at the end of the penultimate episode of “Fortitude” that the killer terrorizing the small Arctic town was not some rampaging psychopath, nor was it a supernatural cause. It was none other than Ichneumon wasps, which were released by Chekov’s woolly mammoth that’s been lurking in the background all season.

These wasps lay their larvae in a host, then the cannibalistic larvae hatch and force their host to find a new host by vomiting inside the secondary host’s thoracic cavity. Ew, right?

Finding out about the killer wasps was not the end of the story, however. There were still infected people to deal with in the finale, including Elena (Veronica Echegui). Sheriff Andersen (Richard Dormer) was forced to shoot Elena to keep her from killing Carrie, which was a real downer ending for Dan, though at least Elena somehow survived both the infection and the shooting.

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But with half the town dead and the lesson about climate change learned, what is there for Season 2?

Is “Fortitude” still set in the once-quiet frozen town? Is that even interesting without a killer mystery to solve? With the death of DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci), Season 2 can’t entail following him to another town for another mystery.

Is it Sheriff Andersen and Elena trying to put Fortitude back together in the wake of this horrible incident? Or fighting more killer wasps that emerge from the mammoth graveyard under the ice? That might be interesting for an episode or two, but not 12.

Maybe it’ll be dueling “Hotel” shows with “American Horror Story” as Governor Hildur Odegard (Sofie Grabol) finally gets her glacier hotel.

It’ll be interesting to see where the creators go with it, but we’ll be tuning in to see what they come up with.

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