Goodwilthunting Ah, Wilt. Not since the drummer from Def Leppard has someone with only one arm been so inspiring.

He’s easily one of my favorite pals on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends — along with the gregarious Eduardo and snooty Mr. Herriman — which is why I was psyched to learn that he had a TV movie, Good Wilt Hunting, dedicated to his story (airing on Thanksgiving night).

After the 5th Annual Creator Reunion Day passes without a visitor for Wilt, he packs up his little hobo bundle and hightails it out of the Home. "I did something terrible. It’s time I put things right," is his only explanation.

Thus begins a cross-country journey on which Wilt travels by bus, train, even lawn mower to make up for whatever wrong he did. On the way, we learn why he has only one arm and a wobbly, misshapen eyestalk in addition to the identity of his creator.

Not only do we get to see the world outside Foster’s Home, but we also meet some new faces. Eduardo’s creator Nina, who has grown up to be a sassy police officer, is instrumental in their search for Wilt. Two other humans, nerdy guys with crushes on Frankie, also tag along on the bus with the other regulars.

Wilt’s travels brings him face to face with an imaginary friend from his past as well as a new pal, Foofy Woogums, who’s as obnoxiously cute as her name sounds. She kinda looks like Gloomy Bear, except without the man-slicing claws and blood on her mouth.

The most intriguing part of the whole film is the idea that creators have different reasons for making an imaginary friend: wanting a companion that’s just like them; needing someone for a specific purpose — like feeding a kid’s TV addiction; or just pure and simple wish fulfillment.

Now, I never had an imaginary friend, but if I did, it probably wouldn’t have been as nice as Wilt. I picture perhaps a skinny, surly dinosaur that’s good at picking locks. Okay, maybe if I had an imaginary friend, it would have run away out of shame.

What, you think you can do better? Who was your imaginary friend? Who’s your favorite friend on the show? Does the movie answer all the questions you had?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen