tiger wireimage Fourth Tiger Woods' alleged mistress is teed off and lawyered up.
Yet another woman is coming forward claiming she had a long term affair with world champion golfer Tiger Woods.
And this one’s arrived on the course with legal back up. 

]]>TMZ is reporting the alleged mistress — surprise! She’s a former VIP cocktail waitress — began having the affair in Orlando, Fla. That’s in Tiger’s backyard.

And she’s hired Orlando attorney Michael O’Quinn to address the media soon.
Not another one? Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s a wonder Tiger found time to wash his balls. Golf balls, people. Sheesh. 
This new woman, name as yet unknown, claims the alleged affair with Tiger started in 2004 when she was 20 and lasted for more than two years.
Will there be more? What do you think?