terra nova FOX announces two night preview event for 'Terra Nova'FOX announced their new series “Terra Nova” will preview during a special two-night event at their winter TV critics press tour.  The adventure drama series will air on Monday, May 23, and Tuesday May, 24 at 9 pm EST.

“Terra Nova” follows the Shannon family as they embark on a journey back in time to prehistoric Earth. The family joins the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova as part of a daring experiment to save the human race as it is the year 2149 and the human race is dying out due to over-development, overcrowding and pollution. 

Stephen Lang’s Commander Nathaniel Taylor leads the group to establish the first colony in this new land. Jason O’Mara and Shelley Conn will play the Shannon family parental unit and Landon Liboiron, Naomi Scott and Alana Mansour play their children. The family may have brought a secret with them that can threaten their citizenship in this utopia, where they will soon come to find out now everyone has the same idea of how best to save mankind.

“Terra Nova” is from executive producers Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin, Brannon Braga, Rene Echevarria, Jon Cassar, Aaron Kaplan, Katherine Pope, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel. Alex Graves directed the series preview.

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