breaking in FOX launches 'Breaking In' Season 2 in Tuesday night comedy block, gives 'Glee' a 2 month vacationThere’s good news and bad news regarding FOX’s newest scheduling announcement, folks. Which do you want first? 

Well, we’ll start with the good: The improbably resurrected “Breaking In” has found its new home on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. after this season’s breakout hit, “New Girl” at 9. It’ll take the last slot in a two-hour sitcom block that starts with “Raising Hope” at 8 and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” at 8:30. The new comedy block starts on March 6.
“Teenage Daughter” ran the first half of its season in the fall after “X Factor” and didn’t do gangbusters, so we’ll see how it fares on a new day with other proven comedy hits. As for “Breaking In,” the previously canceled show will start its second season with new series regular Megan Mullaly.
Now, the bad news: This new experiment means that “Glee” will be shelved for nearly two whole months. The winter finale will air on Feb. 21, and the show will return with new episodes on April 10. We know, it’s terrible. But “Breaking In” is back, so yay!

Posted by:Jean Bentley